Rantz: Governor Inslee speaks gibberish, claims EV school buses quiets kids, make them ‘mature’

May 1, 2024, 5:50 PM

Photo: Governor Jay Inslee speaks about EV school buses at a press conference in April 2024....

Governor Jay Inslee speaks about EV school buses at a press conference in April 2024. (Image courtesy of Jason Rantz, KTTH)

(Image courtesy of Jason Rantz, KTTH)

During a press conference intended to sell electric vehicles (EVs), Washington’s used car salesman Governor Jay Inslee made some bizarre claims about EVs. He believes EV school buses silence “rambunctious” children by maturing them.

Inslee was touting new state rebates of up to $9,000 for qualifying Washingtonians who purchase or lease an EV they don’t want. He didn’t see the conflict in his messaging, of course. While claiming there’s a huge demand for EVs, he tried to bribe people to buy them. To Inslee, offering these rebates will help “democratize” EV purchasing (it doesn’t). Inslee makes as little sense as buying an EV thinking you’ll have an infrastructure that can support your round-trip commute from Enumclaw or Snohomish to Seattle or Bellevue. Forget about a weekend in Chelan or making the drive to a game at Washington State University.

Less sensical, however, were Inslee’s weird comments about everyone’s purported universal love of EV school buses. He said our future is EV, including how kids get to school (assuming you can get over the nationwide bus driver shortage).

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What can’t EV school buses do?

Inslee said drivers love EV school buses because they transform kids.

“We are providing electric school buses for kids. You know, and people love electric school buses. When I talk to the drivers, they love electric school buses because they tell me the kids don’t yell all the time. They kind of talk and they become somewhat mature,” Inslee said. He lowered his voice to mimic the children who supposedly quiet down on EV school buses. “And the drivers don’t have to deal with those rambunctious kids and our kids don’t have to breathe that diesel smoke as well.”

Other than Vice President Kamala Harris, who gets unnervingly excited about school buses, it’s unclear what Inslee is talking about.

Kids get quieter on EV school buses because the school buses aren’t as loud? Kids are always loud, near-regardless of their surroundings. The “rambunctious” (it was on Inslee’s Word of the Day calendar) kids suddenly mature because they’re on an EV school bus? EV technology is so advanced that it matures kids. It’s sad that it can’t last a round-trip drive from downtown Seattle to Cle Elum for a wedding.

What can’t EVs do? I hear they also cure baldness, bend space and time, reveal the purpose of life, and have anti-aging properties.

No joke: I once sat in a Tesla and I saw my forehead wrinkles smoothen out. Claims that EVs suppress appetite better than Ozempic, leading to significant weight loss, are still being studied.

Something tells me he wouldn’t have to sell EV technology so hard if they were as amazing as he claims. Or perhaps, post-Governor’s mansion, he’ll be working for an EV company?

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Rantz: Governor Inslee speaks gibberish, claims EV school buses quiets kids, make them ‘mature’