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Bill Kristol is wrong; Donald Trump is not a fluke

Washington Trump donors have given thousands to the Republican candidate even though he is not expected to win over the state. (AP)

In the delusional town of Washington D.C., we find Bill Kristol who said — out loud — on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that Donald Trump is a fluke.

Bill Kristol is a conservative commentator, but believe me, Washington  D.C. has learned nothing from Donald Trump. And if you can’t learn from this, you are incapable of learning. He’s not a fluke, he’s a release valve. 

Conservatives need to disconnect the satellite and unplug their cable

People around the country know how cushy everyone has it in D.C. and how both sides socialize and hang out with each other.

They’ve seen D.C. hand their money to Goldman Sachs when things go wrong. They understand what lobbying is all about. They know that someday the debt is going to have to be paid. They can see all the double standards.

The American people see how D.C. can’t do anything correctly and they see how both parties are colluding together. Bill Kristol, the American people see it!

And if it wasn’t for the fact that Trump is “Donald Trump,” I would be behind him. Because people in D.C. don’t understand the anger around the country — they are living a sequestered life.

Trump is a release valve and Hillary is a continuance. 

During the next election, there will be someone — Trump-like — from the right, and a radical liberal on the left. This is going to continue. 

The Democrats understand the anger going on around the country. Hillary is the fluke who was shoved down the throat of voters by a corrupt Democratic Party.

Trump is not a fluke. Hillary is.

As always, please listen to the full audio clip for complete context.

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