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Rantz: More people vandalize Pronto! bikes than ride them

The City of Seattle will dump Pronto bike share, according to KING 5. (AP)

This week we learned that a University District Pronto! bike station was vandalized. Given the embarrassingly low ridership numbers, it’s possible that more bikes have been vandalized than rented by customers.

According to a photo posted by the Slog, it appears that at least five bikes suffered slashed tires and torn seats. So who did it? Is there any connection to the bikeway littered with tacks in Westlake?

While it’s still too early to tell, Pronto GM Demi Allen told the Stranger that he suspects someone living with mental illness may be to blame. I’m still waiting on word from the Seattle Police Department as to whether or not a police report was filed and how far along into the investigation they are.

Given the open-air drug dealing and car break-ins many are witnessing in Seattle, it’s hard to imagine this case gets high priority treatment from the SPD. Though perhaps it should? Since virtually no one rides these bikes, they’re all just sitting targets. The more they get vandalized, the more we waste funds fixing bikes that may ultimately be given up for electronic bikes.

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