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Rantz: Pathetic, dishonest campaign by Tina Podlodowski

Tina Podlodowski is a Democrat running to unseat Republican Kim Wyman for Secretary of State. Podlodowski’s campaign has shown itself to not just be pathetic, but incredibly dishonest. She’s as bad as Donald Trump.

I understand that campaigns can get negative, but generally, when talking about the office of Secretary of State, it doesn’t reach this level. Podlodowski is making some silly claims that show she has no idea what the office she’s running for even does.

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In an ad posted on Oct. 18 to her YouTube channel, Podlodowski hits Wyman for allowing a Washington Republican primary to move forward despite knowing at the time that Trump had enough votes to secure the Republican nomination. She said Wyman wasted $11 million taxpayer dollars. This isn’t a fresh attack but it shows Podlodowski doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

State law prohibits the Secretary of State from canceling a primary election. Only the Legislature can do that. You’d think Podlodowski, who is running for Secretary of State, would know that.

Additionally, Podlodowski claims Wyman helped Donald Trump by allowing for the election. This makes no sense. If he was already going to be the candidate, he didn’t need Washington’s help. Podlodowski’s own ridiculous argument is that it was a waste of money because it wouldn’t help determine the nominee!

But even more shocking, in the very same ad Podlodowski claims she would make “helping people vote her top priority.” Yet she also claimed that we should cancel primaries. Is that helping people vote?

Podlodowski talks out of both sides of her mouth. Kind of like Donald Trump. He’s taken a number of contradictory positions in order to secure support, though at least he doesn’t often do it in the same breath. Podlodowski can’t help but do it multiple times in the same attack ad.

Since Podlodowski thinks linking Kim Wyman to Donald Trump will effectively convince people not to vote for Wyman, let’s use this silly attack against her. Join me in reminding your Democrat friends on Twitter and Facebook that Podlodowski is too similar to Trump to earn a vote.

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