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Conservatives have to get better at direct action


The right needs to get better at direct action. We need to take the fun stunts of the left and start creating mini rebellions ourselves. It has to happen.

Think how many times we’ve voted for issues, won a majority and had the courts roll the vote back. Judges saying “I know you played by the rules” but we’re going to shove the results back in your face.

Technocratic lawyers need to be put through the technocratic ringer; including those who have pushed ObamaCare. 

The bureaucrats just want the outcomes and we are being ignored. One of their diktats is the one we talk about all the time; forcing little girls to have men in their locker rooms. 

But there is still a criminal law against this, it is still illegal for an adult to expose themselves to a child. We need to be the one constantly calling 911 when this happens.

Pharmacists need to say, you’re going to make me sell an abortion drug, OK I’m going to price it at $1 billion per pill.

We need to study these diktats and do to the left what they do to us:  you use fancy, weasel, lawyer words. We need to start wrapping the left up in their own nonsense and jam the system.

As always, please listen to the full audio clip for complete context.

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