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VIDEO: Motorcyclist rear-ended by car on I-5

It’s a lesson to be attentive, especially on I-5 through Seattle in the rain. And it’s a lesson that one motorcyclist, and driver, learned the hard way.

Jeffrey Chen posted video he took of his ride through Seattle recently. He had a camera on his helmet. It was a rainy day in stop-and-go traffic. At one such stop, Chen came to a halt behind other cars. But soon, his legs are seen going into the air, and his bike is left on the ground in pieces.

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It turned out to be a four-vehicle collision, according to Chen’s video. He was second from the front. A Plymouth allegedly struck a Subaru from behind, which sent the Subaru forward crashing into the motorcyclist. The bike then went into a Lexus in front of him. You can hear a car skid behind him on the video, and then see a car rolling on by Chen as he is thrown from his bike.

Chen was lucky, he walked away with some bruises and a strained hamstring. He was wearing a helmet and a backpack which cushioned his fall. The motorcyclist has insurance for his bike, but according to his Youtube post, the driver of the Plymouth did not.

The video was posted on Youtube on Nov. 4. It got more than 25,000 views in three days.


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