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Dino Rossi
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Dino Rossi takes over legislative seat for late Senator Andy Hill

Dino Rossi will take over for the late Republican Senator Andy Hill, representing the 45th State Legislative District. (Washington State Republicans)

Dino Rossi has been appointed to the late Andy Hill’s senate seat, representing Washington state’s 45th District.

“No one can replace Andy Hill, who did such a tremendous job for our legislative district and the people of Washington,” Rossi said. “I am in awe of the things he accomplished as Senate budget leader. My goal is simply to put my Senate experience to work for my neighbors in 2017, until they have an opportunity to make their own choice.”

Washington state Senator Andy Hill passes away

Hill passed away earlier this year after battling cancer.

A Sammamish resident with a background in the real estate industry, Rossi has been in-and-out of the political spotlight over the past few years. He was a state senator for the 5th District from 1997 to 2003. He then ran for Washington state governor in 2004, losing a close race to Democrat Christine Gregoire. He ran for governor, and was again defeated in 2008. He lost another race for state Senate in 2010. Rossi was then appointed to take over for Senator Cheryl Pflug in 2012, until Mark Mullet was sworn in for the position.

Dino Rossi and the 45th District seat

Dino Rossi was appointed by the King County Council on Monday. He is slated to serve the 45th District until the next election in November 2017. That election will be to cover the final year of Hill’s four-year term. It is unknown if Rossi will run for the 45th District position after his appointed term. Though he has indicated that this appointment is a temporary situation.

“My life is busy enough already. I’m just glad I can contribute,” Rossi said.

Rossi is a Sammamish resident which was formerly in the state’s 5th District. But district lines were redrawn in 2012. That change placed him in the 45th District.

Sammamish is at the southern border of the 45th Legislative District, which also includes other King County communities such as Duvall, Woodinville, and Kirkland.

Senate Majority Leader, Republican Mark Schoesler said he was grateful for Rossi stepping up to fill in for Hill.

“While many of us are still mourning the loss of Senator Hill, one of the finest public servants I will ever have the privilege to know, the King County Council has chosen another outstanding public servant to carry on as senator for the people of the 45th District,” Schloesler said. “Dino Rossi’s talents and experience also will be welcomed by our Senate majority in the coming year as we work to protect Washington’s future.”

“We will miss Senator Hill’s wise and thoughtful leadership greatly in 2017 as our Majority Coalition Caucus continues to address the needs of students and families,” he said. “At the same time, I appreciate that Dino made himself available to serve and commend the council for selecting someone of his caliber.”

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