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Seattle parking rates change, rise again

(KIRO 7)

Seattle parking rates have been changing over the past few months, and more are coming this winter as the city takes advantage of new higher rate limits approved by the city council.

Where Seattle parking rates are most expensive

To make understanding the switch-ups a little easier, city officials have produced a new interactive parking map. The map allows users to zoom in on neighborhoods to check their unique Seattle parking rates and hours.

In the recently approved city budget, the city council raised the upper limit for Seattle parking rates from $4 to $5. Starting in 2017, the Seattle Department of Transportation will make use of that new higher limit and raise rates in some areas to $4.50 — mostly in areas already known for being the most expensive to park on the street.

Changes to Seattle parking rates

This comes in the wake of another move by the city to extend paid parking hours later into the night on Capitol Hill. The city currently charges until 8 p.m. Paid parking on Capitol Hill is slated to go as late as 11 p.m.

The changes are based off of a parking study conducted by SDOT. The department is adding paid parking in areas that were previously free — mostly around South Lake Union — and upping rates in other areas. The idea is to use pricing to encourage people to move their cars and free up spots more often.

These are the latest major changes to Seattle parking rates:

• Parking south of Mercer Street will rise from $2 to $2.50/hour.
• Starting in Feb. 2017, parking north of Mercer Street will rise to $1.50/hour in the morning; $2/hour in the afternoon.
• Paid parking will be started along Dexter Avenue North, Eastlake Avenue East, and Denny Lower Roadway.
• Starting in 2017, SDOT will lower some rates for parts of the day in Roosevelt, Ballard, the International District, Green Lake and at the Ballard Locks.
• Rates will rise — beyond the former high limit — to $4.50/hour for parts of the day in the Commercial Core, Pioneer Square, Capitol Hill and First Hill.

According to the budget proposed by the mayor, and approved by the city council, additional paid parking in South Lake Union is expected to create a 9-percent increase in Seattle parking revenue, according to the mayor’s budget that is currently under consideration. It would boost the revenues from the 2016-17 budget of $38.8 million to $42.3 million. The mayor’s office is projecting 2018 revenue for on-street Seattle parking to be around $44.8 million.

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