Color Rush uniforms are a resounding hit in Seahawks locker room

Dec 16, 2016, 5:22 AM

The Seahawks winning at CenturyLink Thursday night was certainly nothing new, but the way the team looked while doing it certainly was.

The Seahawks had their first experience wearing the NFL Color Rush uniforms that used exclusively in connection with Thursday Night Football games. Seattle was wearing the very distinguishable “Action green,” compared to the Rams’ all-white. The NFL experimented with the Color Rush idea last season, with eight teams wearing the special uniforms last season. The NFL and Nike unveiled uniforms for all 32 teams on Sept. 13.

The NFL donates all proceeds from sales of the Color Rush jerseys to the nonprofit NFL Foundation, which funds safety, wellness and healthy programs for youth. The Seahawks went all in on the fluorescent green, handing out towels and dressing up the cheerleaders and painting the end zones that color.

Whether you liked them on TV or not, the NFL’s color rush uniforms were a resounding success in the eyes of the Seahawks players.

“Ohhhh, weee,” shouted Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane after the game. “I think we got the cleanest uniform in the league. I love ‘em. I felt so good today, even played good.”

Lane was certainly not alone. Here were some of the other Seahawks’ reactions to the get-ups:

Tony McDaniel: “Uniforms are amazing, man. The uniform’s green like money, look like money and we play like money. So I’m a fan of the green uniform.”

Cassius Marsh: “Love ‘em. Best Color Rush in the NFL. Hands down.”

Jarran Reed: “I love ‘em. It was actually pretty nice.  I think we all look good, played good.”

Garry Gilliam: “I loved ‘em. Every week, no. … Down on the field it’s different and in person, I like them. But I’m sure on TV it looked a little loud.”

Bobby Wagner: “Personally, I loved them. I like green. I don’t know about Action Green, but I like green so I love ‘em.”

Alex Collins: “I love the uniforms. When I went to college we were more traditional so we didn’t get to wear all the fancy different colored uniforms but I liked being able to switch it up like this. It’s awesome. That action green looks real nice on everybody. …The cleats, the gloves, just being able to wear all green everything, there’s just something about it.  You get that look good, play good type feel when you put this uniform on.”

Nick Vannett: “I like ’em. Obviously, you’re going to be able to see us with those on but I think they are pretty swaggy. … It’s really noticeable and I thought we played pretty good with them on so as long as we keep winning with those on, hey, I’m all for it.”

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Color Rush uniforms are a resounding hit in Seahawks locker room