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June gloom
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The ‘June gloom’ is about to be abolished with above-normal heat, forecasters say

Say sayonara to the "June gloom." (MyNorthwest)

The gloomy, cloudy weather that is often associated with June in western Washington may be over earlier than usual.

By Friday, forecasts are calling for the Seattle area to reach 80 degrees. It is only expected to get warmer through the weekend.

According to KIRO 7 Meteorologist Nick Allard, we could see temperatures of 86 on Saturday. It could hit 92 or 93 on Sunday.

If temperatures on Sunday reach the 90s it will be a record, according to Allard.

The National Weather Service in Seattle issued a Special Weather statement, which warns that temperatures are forecast to climb “well above normal” over the weekend.

This should come as welcome news to anyone getting tired of seeing nothing but gray.

The “June gloom” refers to the long stretches of days with low clouds and cool temperatures. Much of the West Coast experiences the weather pattern, at least to some degree.

The gloom begins around Memorial Day, according to Cliff Mass, University of Washington professor of Atmospheric Sciences. It “roughly” extends to July 4.

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