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Evergreen State College, Evergreen College
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New Jersey man arrested for possible connection to threats at Evergreen

Evergreen State College. (AP)

Police have arrested a man they believe is responsible for making threatening phone calls that led to the shutdown of The Evergreen State College during the school year.

Robert Kerekes Jr., 53, is in custody and has already been charged. Charges include making threats, criminal coercion, and causing false public alarm.

Kerekes was arrested in New Jersey.

The telephone threats caused the school to shut down for two days in June.

Police say the threats followed protests over claims of racism at the school.

A conflict arose between educators and students after a professor refused to stay off campus when a student group called for a day without whites. The event was meant to create an awareness of racial issues in America. The professor was called a racist by students.

The contentious environment forced the school to move its graduation ceremony to another venue.

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