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Memorial Day weekend
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A totally dry July? It’s possible

(AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

We’re only a week into July but there’s already talk of this month being completely free of measurable rain.

As of Friday, the Puget Sound region has had up to 20 days without measurable rain, according to KIRO 7 Meteorologist Kelly Franson.

The record for days without measurable rain is 51, set in 1951, according to Franson.

There are six July months on record without measurable rain. The most recent of those being in 2013.

It’s quite the turnaround for a region that barely saw sunlight for months on end through the winter, setting several weather records. Between October through May we received nearly 4 feet of rainfall.

But just last week the National Weather Service issued a Heat Advisory for portions of Western Washington as temperatures reached the 90s.

No need to worry about temperatures like that over the next several days, however, as we dip back into the mid-70s.

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