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The Seattle RV project – my greatest idea ever

Seattle City Councilman Mike O’Brien wants to make it easier for people to live in vehicles on the streets of Seattle. First reported by KING-5 – and as The Seattle Times writes:

the draft proposes allowing participants in a new “Vehicular Residences Program” to stay parked on public property for longer than 72 hours. The draft’s provisions also exempt participants from penalties for expired tabs, parking junk vehicles in public and parking in a restricted zone.

So we have announced our RV Project – nicknamed by one listener as “Breaking Dori.” We have listeners who have pledged to donate their broken down, dumpy RVs. We also have a couple of big rig tow truck drivers who will donate their services. Our plan is to arrange to tow and park one of those RV’s in front of the homes of every city council member. If they want to impose these drug-infested RVs on all the citizens of Seattle, let’s make sure it all starts right in front of their own homes.

We will find homeless people to populate the council members’ streets. So we’ll be engaging in a little social activism, and be getting people off the streets. If this passes, we’ll make sure the first RV is sited on Mike O’Brien’s Fremont street. If he wants them on your street, I’m sure he won’t mind setting a wonderful example for all of his constituents.

Here’s one that a listener has suggested that’s free on Craigslist:


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