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Why Dori’s Christmas tree is still up

At what point does it become weird to have your Christmas tree still up? Dori really wants to know because he still has all his decorations up and lighted. (AP Photo/File)

Is it weird that Dori’s Christmas lights are still up?

“Not only are our outside lights still up,” says Dori, “Our Christmas tree is still up.”

The decorations make him too happy to take them down; now that his middle daughter has gone back to school and his oldest daughter is out of the house, he doesn’t want to throw away the trappings of the season that brings his family together.

“It brings me so much joy,” he says. “Last night I was sitting there at midnight, everybody had gone to bed and I had the tree all lit up. We’ve got this lighted wreath above the fireplace. We’ve got the lighted garland around the railing going upstairs. I was so happy to still have Christmas in the house.”

Although Dori tried to make the excuse that he’s too busy, he really just wants to hold onto Christmas, and his good memories of the season.

So at what point is it weird to have your Christmas tree and decorations still up?

“As long as you’re not saying this in April,” says news anchor Ursula Reutin.

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