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Rantz: Relive my ‘Seattle commute from hell’

It’s clear the Seattle Department of Transportation has no interest in relieving traffic congestion in South Lake Union.

Indeed, they’ve actively made it worse. On Sept. 18, it took me about 30 minutes to drive approximately five blocks.

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Why do we accept these conditions?

SDOT, under the leadership of Director Scott Kubly and city traffic engineer Dongho Chang — who doesn’t drive — have created conditions where traffic barely moves. You get green lights to drive onto a congested lane where drivers sit at a red. You have buses routinely breaking traffic laws. You’re put in positions that if you don’t break traffic laws, you will never move. All the streets feeding into Mercer are congested.

This is unacceptable.

I documented the recent trip. I started the video about 10 minutes after I began to drive, not realizing how truly awful the experience is. Above is my commute from hell — a typical Seattle commute.

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