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Seattle too expensive? Try moving to a Kansas mansion


Struggling under Seattle’s sky high housing costs? Maybe it’s time for a move. How about a Kansas mansion?

Considering that the most reasonable rent in Seattle is a parking-space sized studio (with an open toilet in the corner) for $750, buying a 5,000-square-foot Kansas mansion could be a very attractive option. That’s possible in Atchison where such a mansion is selling for $259,000 — estimated mortgage would be $1,010, according to Zillow.

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It’s quite a steal when average rent in Seattle ranges from $1,350 to $1,870 for a one-bedroom unit, according to Curbed. The historic McInteer Villa offers five bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, a second kitchen on the second floor, and a fireplace — but only two parking spaces. The ornate brick building with stained glass windows has a storybook ambiance. A forum on Reddit was quick to point out that the more than 100-year-old mansion was more affordable than a Seattle condo.

The historic mansion is in a suburban area, right near a school and a public pool. It’s only an hour drive from the city life of Kansas City.

Elsewhere on Reddit, Seattleites were pondering the issue of staying in town amid crushing costs or moving away. Some residents were considering moving far away from Seattle (Fall City), and shifting their work hours to avoid commutes. Others don’t want to leave Seattle because they were born and raised in town. Many argue that even if a person could move to an area with affordable living costs, the job market would not be as good and the move would ultimately be a loss.

But if you are a tech worker who can commute from home — thank you internet — what does any of that matter? Not in tech? Just go in on the mansion with a few friends. After all, there are five bedrooms and more than 5,000-square-feet to move around in. Someone could even pay a little more and have their own kitchen.

The median household income in Atchison is $40,512. So you might take a bit of hit coming from Seattle with $70,594 (estimated) — that is, if you aren’t a tech worker commuting via the internet. While Atchison can boast quite a bit — it’s the birthplace of aviator Amelia Earhart and is located along the Missouri River — the unemployment rate is 7 percent, with job growth at -.45. The income tax in Atchison, however, is 4.6 percent, far less than San Francisco’s 8 percent.

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