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Matt Manweller
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Rep. Matt Manweller: We’re in a ‘Weinstein witch-hunt era’

Matt Manweller. (Washington House Republicans)
LISTEN: Rep. Matt Manweller responds to allegations of sexual harassment

State Representative Matt Manweller says previous accusations of sexual misconduct are being misconstrued.

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“The problem in this Weinstein witch-hunt era is everybody is going back and trying to dig things up to keep the momentum alive,” he told 770 KTTH’s Jason Rantz.

Matt Manweller, a political science professor at Central Washington University, has been investigated twice for his conduct with students, according to The Seattle Times. He was reprimanded after one investigation and had to take sexual-harassment training, the Times reports.

Manweller was elected to the state House in 2012. The Seattle Times interviewed lobbyists that work with Manweller about his behavior. Two claim Manweller made comments about their physical features and their clothing. Two other lobbyists say there is an informal network of women in Olympia who prepare newcomers and warn them about spending time alone with Manweller, the Times reports.

Manweller told Rantz that he has complimented women’s outfits.

“I compliment people on their dress all the time,” he said. “I won’t do that anymore if it leads to complaints.”

“How did we get to this place in the world where, when you comment on someone’s outfit, you’re punished?”

Listen to the entire interview with Manweller here.

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