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How could this be Washington’s most popular holiday candy?

While Halloween is known for its seasonal sweet tooth, the holidays have also grown a reputation for sweets. It, therefore, came as no surprise that someone did some digging to determine Washington’s most popular holiday candy.

The results are disgusting.

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Candy canes are apparently the holiday sweet that Washingtonians can’t get enough of. Coming in at second place is Reese’s Minis. Third place goes to Skittles.

The folks at surveyed 50,000 of its customers as well as major candy distributors to determine the top three most popular holiday candy in each state. I admit, their methods are decent. But validity that only makes it worse.

Candy canes are an honorable mention when it comes to sweets in general, let alone holiday candy. They only get invited to the Christmas party because they dressed the part. They’re left over from a time long ago when a tacky stick that left a sugary mess was a delight when compared to the other most popular treat of the day — a regular stick.

This is a candy in which the only good thing anyone has ever said about it is, “At least it’s not candy corn.” Which, by the way, is Washington’s favorite Halloween candy — another abomination, but that’s another story. In fact, also did a poll for America’s most hated holiday candy — candy canes came in at 11. Non-peppermint candy canes ranked eighth.

Better holiday candy

Therefore, I offer to my fellow Washingtonians my top three holiday candy options that are better than candy canes.

  • Anything.
  • Reese’s Minis: In this case, Washington picked well. Even if it’s only the second most popular candy in the state.
  • Local candy: If you’re going to up your risk of diabetes, you might as well support your local economy. Do you realize how many sweets peddlers are from the area? From Theo Chocolate in Seattle to Bon Bon Candies on Bainbridge Island — you have options. Jones Soda — which refers to itself as a “treat” — is based in Seattle. There’s also Aplets & Cotlets out of Cashmere. Brown-Haley has been producing Almond Roca out of Tacoma for nearly 100 years.

And many of these products have something wonderful in common — they aren’t candy canes.

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