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Bob Ferguson wants more attention, angles for new post

(File, WSDOT)

No longer satisfied to be a mere grifter using the attorney general’s office as his own PAC — while apparently committing 14 campaign finance violations which may add up to a Class-C Felony — Bob Ferguson (aka “Sideshow Bob”) is running for a new post: hypocrite of the year.

Today, Bob Ferguson announced he is joining yet another lawsuit against the federal government. In his latest case of fundraising-by-taxpayer-funded-lawsuit, Sideshow Bob is focusing on what the Obama Administration marketed as Net Neutrality.  He is pretending that what was legal for Barack Obama to do via the FCC way back in 2015, is somehow illegal for Donald Trump to undo in 2017. But, he’s only warming up his hypocrisy.

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In his press release / fundraising appeal, Sideshow Bob forced you to pay a state employee to type the following words:

Allowing internet service providers to discriminate based on content undermines a free and open internet. Today’s action will seriously harm consumers, innovation and small businesses

That sentence is from the same man who is allowing WSDOT to illegally operate the I-405 toll lanes. Those lanes, you will recall, were to be scuttled when they didn’t meet two specific requirements. The express toll lanes have failed to meet one of those requirements: achieving a speed goal of 45 mph 90 percent of the time. They failed the speed goal, but Bob Ferguson pretended that was okay. Still, that’s not the big hypocrisy.

Bob Ferguson wins again

Here is where Ferguson wins hypocrite of the year. Those I-405 toll lanes are literally doing to car traffic what Sideshow Bob contends companies might do to Internet traffic. Let’s copy and paste Ferguson’s sentence and just replace some words to see how naked his hypocrisy really is:

Allowing [The Washington State Department of Transportation] to discriminate based on [how much money a driver has in their bank account] undermines a free and open road system. [WSDOT’s] action [already] seriously harm consumers, [commuters] and small businesses

There it is: Bob Ferguson is the hypocrite of the year.

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