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Why the Seattle crime report is a work of fiction

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I issue this not as an opinion, but as an observable fact: the Seattle crime report is a work of fiction. Property crimes are not down in Seattle.

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Q13 recently reported that Seattle police claim crime went down between 2016 and 2017. I would argue that is not true. If you doubt Seattle crime is up, follow along, this will not take long.

Seattle crime that is reported

KOMO News points out homicides in Seattle are up. That tracks with what we all see about Seattle crime. It’s hard to hide the fact that a person is dead or that a person has disappeared. Police officers in Seattle are still allowed to treat homicide as a crime. They are still allowed to respond to calls of people being attacked or dead bodies. These crimes are almost always reported and police create a paper trail about them.

There is good reason murders are up as is all of Seattle crime. As Dan Satterberg, the leftists King County Prosecutor actually brags about: Washington state has the tenth-lowest incarceration rate in America. That is one reason. The other is this: Seattle-area gangs know there is about to be a gold rush after Smack Daddy Dow Constantine and Jenny Durking effectively legalize heroin and people addicted to the drug rush here so they can shoot-up without threat of arrest. They will all need drug dealers.

Seattle crime that is not reported

Nearly every single week I read a note from a Seattle business owner who has stopped reporting property crime. They know police officers in Seattle are too overtaxed to do anything. Sometimes they are too overtaxed to respond at all. Repeat victims of property crime get the message: don’t bother calling the police. When that happens, the official reports of crime go down. But the crimes are still happening.

Some crimes are no longer treated as crimes

Everyone in Ballard knows about the chop shops for stolen bikes. There, homeless people and heroin addicts take apart stolen bikes to reassemble into untraceable units to sell. Cops know they are chop shops. So called Councilmember Mike O’Brien knows it. Police officers with whom I have spoken tell me they are under orders to leave those places alone. They are not to “criminalize homelessness.”

When criminal activity happens — and everyone knows it — but cops cannot respond, the crime still happened. There’s just no paper trail. This form of Seattle crime is up.

Proactive policing is down, Seattle crime is up

Most of the Seattle City Council hates cops. The rest often pretend to hate them. Police officers know this and they are too smart to put themselves into a jackpot where shiftless panderers like Mike O’Brien will try to ruing their lives for simply doing their jobs. I know proactive policing is down because cops tell me it’s down. Also, because of the facts I mentioned above. When proactive policing goes down, Seattle crime goes up.

Jenny Durkin, Seattle’s failed mayor, has joined in on the anti-cop pandering. One so called council person — we call her iWanna, iWanna, a nickname she earned by grandstanding her socialist feelings in place of actual policy — calls officers murderers and racists. Even though they have been found innocent of wrongdoing.

Now, families of people shot by police will have taxpayer-provided lawyers to sue the officers, with or without any good cause for suspicion. They will sue a police officer for for doing what they never want to do — shoot a person, someone’s beloved family member.

In Seattle, a loud, crazed-by-leftism protester said to the approval of the city council that “it is an ‘act of war’ to build this white supremacist bunker” when talking about a police station. Cops know where they stand. Outnumbered because Seattle won’t hire enough cops — we are 600 light — and still operating without a contract. Cops know they are hated by the city that is supposed to protect them. How can they fight Seattle crime when they know that reflexive leftism will make them targets to destroy — instead of addressing the real problem.

It is the political pandering and loony leftism that has lead to the increase in Seattle crime.

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