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Mayor Jenny Durkan, state of the city, ORCA
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Jenny Durkan to 71-year-old woman pistol whipped, shot in her home: I hear you

Mayor Jenny Durkan during her first State of the City address on Feb. 20. (Seattle Channel)

There is a gang war underway in South Seattle. That has been clear for some time. There are also a string of home invasion robberies plaguing South Seattle. Residents of the area are sick of it, some are scared.

None of them will get any help at all from Jenny Durkan or the so-called King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg. Durkan made clear her refusal to do anything to actually help when she issued this brain-dead tweet to resident of South Seattle:

Durkan tweeted this to South Park residents, part of South Seattle. Mayor Jenny offered this instead of more cops. Our MSNBC star and Time Magazine hero for getting elected, issued this tweet instead of orders to actually fight crime, to go at the gangs. Most egregiously, Mayor Durkan sent this tweet just days before a resident of South Seattle was pistol-whipped and then shot in her own home. Now, her husband says he feels no safety in his own, lovely, well-cared for home where he was gardening when the criminals showed up.

This gentleman is, sadly, correct to feel unsafe.

He will get no help from Dan Satterberg, who has the title of King County Prosecutor, but refuses to prosecute. Satterberg actually bragged about Washington state’s low incarceration rate when he recited a speech he memorized for a TedX event. Prosecutors shouldn’t brag about low incarceration rates or high rates. They should focus on appropriate rates and there are far too many repeat felons shooting, killing and raping people in our state for Satterberg to brag.

As part of his focus on keeping incarceration rates low, Satterberg announced that, despite his $72,682,263 yearly budget, he just cannot free-up about $2 million to prosecute roughly 1,500 misdemeanor crimes. If Satterberg were serious about doing his job, he would demand the money from King County where there is no shortage of revenues.

If he had any guts at all, Satterberg would go directly to the people and demand that they require King County to fund these cases. King County has more than enough money. Perhaps King County would cancel its $2 million virtue signaling budget to defend illegal immigrants to actually prosecute crime. Perhaps King County Metro could cancel buses that don’t take people to work, but take hipsters hiking. Maybe now is not the time to spend millions of dollars on government-funded heroin dens, of which Satterberg is such a huge fan. Alas, Satterberg prefers to recite memorized words at fancy conferences.

Seattle is becoming literally lawless. Criminals know it, drug cartels know, sniveling, whining, smelly people who lay down in the roads all day to protest for never jailing a teenager for any reason at any time. Sadly and tragically, the citizens of South Seattle–my home for many happy years–also know it. Maybe the Seattle elites will finally realized that voting for pot parties, abortion, men in women and girls showers and who hates Trump most will do nothing to actually bring about responsible governance of a once beautiful city.

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