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Why the mainstream media can shut up about Sinclair’s videos

The Stranger, The Seattle Times, NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR and every other media outlet screaming about the end of journalism because of some Sinclair videos can go ahead and shut up. These organs tell us that Sinclair’s station promotional videos and the inclusion of a conservative contributor herald a dangerous end to independent media. Our media sources are embarrassing themselves with their pungent hypocrisy.

The Sinclair Videos are Hitler’s Goebbels returned from his grave

Here is an example of the promotional video about which we should all panic. Seriously, media people, stop this kabuki theater outrage. You are not tearing your garments and white-knuckling your pearls because of bias . . . it’s the wrong kind of bias that has you performing this stage show. I will prove it, starting with two big issues about which The Stranger, The Seattle Times, NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR said next to nothing.

The New York Times as edited by the campaign of Barack Obama: relax, it’s just business

Sinclair’s videos endanger independent journalism? How about when the New York Times admitted–after the fact–that they gave Barack Obama’s campaign team final say over key elements of “news” articles before they were published? Did The Stranger, The Seattle Times, NBC, ABC, CBS and NPR panic over that?

Competing news organizations caught literally colluding against John McCain’s presidential campaign: whatevs.

There was no Sinclair video level outrage over Journolist. That was when a group of “journalists” from competing publications– lead by VOX’s Ezra Klein–decided to coordinate their coverage to defeat John McCain after he selected VP candidate Sarah Palin. The facts of this actual conspiracy were revealed in writing when the full details leaked from their discussion board called Journolist. This was a literal bit of collusion between so called competitors to twist news stories to elect Barack Obama.

The AP Style Guide and the subtle propaganda of coordinated terminology: hey, it’s the Bible of Journalism

I could play the big stories like this all day long, but it’s actually the every day coordination of talking points by media outlets that is more pervasive. Remember, we are to believe the Sinclair videos promoting their brand of news coverage is insidious. What should we believe about the use of actual, agreed upon term used every day by The Stranger, The Seattle Times, NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, etc . . . These terms are often dictated by the left-leaning AP Style Guide. Let’s see how many you recognize.

Gun violence: this agreed upon term is factually incorrect (the gun did not commit violence). It is also clearly aligned with the views of people who want to limit gun ownership; it is their view that guns–not people-are the problem. It literally removes the human, criminal, mental health component from murders with guns. The human being who killed a person is replaced with an inanimate object.  We know this is a term picked for political purposes because we will not hear of knife violence, car violence, fist violence or the like. 

Undocumented worker: of course this means a person who entered the country illegally and is also illegally working in America. A burglar can work plenty hard to break into a building and steal an ATM. That does not make him an undocumented worker. 

Immigrants (when they mean illegal immigrants): the media often uses the word immigrant when they are writing about people entering the country illegally or already here illegally. Their clear purpose is to make it appear that all migrants are being accused of law-breaking. 

Transwoman and transman: our national and most local media has decided to use the activist invented term for people who suffer gender-dysphoria. That means, according to media coordinated talking points, some women have penises and testicles. They even go so far as to claim new ground has been broken such as when the media reported a “transman” in Oregon gave birth. No, a woman with gender dysphoria gave birth. Does the media call dangerously anorexic women trans-obese? 

Climate change (formerly Global Warming): When climate alarmists learned that Americans had stopped reacting to the words Global Warming, they rebranded. The media played right along. If cigarette makers rebranded their products as breath enhancers, would the media do likewise? 

Right-wing, Ultra-conservatives: these terms are often applied in the media. No counterparts for “liberal” exist in mainstream media coverage. Bernie Sanders is a “democratic” socialist, not a left-winger. 

Assault weapon: I have more than one an ARA-15. At the moment, they are in various gun safes. Never will I assault anyone with those weapons and hope to never need to use one for defensive purposes. Such is the case with at least 99.5% of all legal gun owners. The Austin bomber used, among other items, cell phones. Were they assault phones? 

Voting rights groups: news organizations use this in one direction only. Groups who do not want to check ID at the polls, or who want same day registration and voting are voting rights groups. Organizations who want to check IDs to prevent fraud and want registration details verified before counting a vote are also concerned with voting rights. But, only the liberal groups are given the sweet-sounding monicker. 

The Sinclair Videos are not a concern; the fact that the entire media world find them offensive is a real danger

Independent media is necessary for our Republic to properly function. Without actual independence the media is not trustworthy. As Pew has shown over many years, American are increasingly distrustful of the press. Selective outrage, like the case of the Sinclair videos, will not help the media regain the respect of Americans.

The media in America has lost itself. They have nearly no actual diversity–that is, diversity of thought–so they are literally incapable of seeing “the log in their eye”, as they complain about the “splinter in the eye” of Sinclair Media.  ****

**** Since NPR doesn’t know what the Easter Holiday means to Christians, I should mention the above is based upon a Biblical quote.

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