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Eddie Money
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Eddie Money claims he’s a Seahawks fan

Eddie Money. (File, Associated Press)

Most people probably assumed Eddie Money was talking about boarding passes to somewhere tropical when he was singing about two tickets to paradise, but maybe he meant tickets to a Seahawks game.

The 69-year-old pop star of the 70s and 80s ended a recent interview with KTTH Radio’s Jason Rantz with a surprising admission.

“Well, you know what, we have a lot of friends in Washington,” Money said. “I hate to tell everybody, and I don’t know why, but I’m a Seahawks fan. I don’t believe it.”

We’re not sure we believe it either, Eddie.

Money is promoting a new reality show called “Real Money” that follows him and his five children in their various musical pursuits. The show premiered on AXS TV earlier this month, so Money went on a media blitz, submitting to radio interviews with stations all over the country.

Here’s the thing, it’s common for press tours to become repetitive for artists as there are only so many questions that make sense to ask them during an interview that’s usually limited to about 10 minutes.

With Money, though, some of the responses seemed a little suspect. It seemed plausible that Money might be conducting a form of Mad Libs ahead of each interview where he finds out where the station is located and fills in little factoids about that region based on his touring experiences.

For example, here’s what he had to say about Seattle.

“I remember Seattle a lot, man,” Money said. “They’ve got the World’s Fair there and everything. And I’ve got a lot of friends in Tacoma. My ex-girlfriend is in Tacoma. ”

After the interview, Rantz assigned me, his producer, the task of figuring out if this is something Money does in every radio interview. I listened to segments broadcast from all over the country. From Fort Wayne, Indiana to Syracuse, New York; from St. Louis, Missouri to Akron, Ohio.

Here’s what you can expect from an interview with music legend Eddie Money”

  • He’s probably going to start out by offering some “shout outs” to fans. These are allegedly people he’s expecting to see at shows in town or fans of the station that he knows personally somehow. On at least two occasions Money gave a “shout out” to someone named Pizzaface. On both occasions Money joked that Pizzaface “doesn’t have the greatest complexion in the world” but he plays guitar like Jimmy Hendrix. I wasn’t able to confirm whether anyone he mentioned was a real person.
  • Money might talk about “girlfriends” he had in your city in his younger days. It’s unclear how serious these relationships are. I suspect he’s talking about women he hooked up with while on tour.
  • Money does seem to have a legitimate interest in sports. If he’s talking to the hosts of a station with a probable allegiance to a Major League Baseball team, there’s a chance he’ll talk about their most recent game and whether they won or lost.

I wouldn’t say Money is being disingenuous during these interviews, but it was obvious from my research he works off some kind of rubric in his head in an attempt to connect with local audiences. And why wouldn’t he? He’s been in this business for years and it makes things easy.

Is he truly a fan of the Seahawks? That mystery I never really solved.

I found one other recent interview where he referenced the team. He told KDUX-FM in Hoquiam that “you’ve gotta remember, those Seahawks, they’re something to contend with, man.”

Then he got a little more specific.

“I think that guy, Rick Carroll, the coach for the Seahawks, he was out here at USC, I think he’s an amazing coach, I really do,” Money said.

That’s not a copy editing error, he referred to Seahawks coach Pete Carroll as “Rick Carroll.”

This doesn’t necessarily disqualify him as a fan, it’s possible he just misspoke. It’s also not the type of mistake you’d expect from a true Hawks fan.

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