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Dori: Gov. Jay Inslee is an embarrassment to Washington

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)
LISTEN: Dori: Jay Inslee is an embarrassment

Jay Inslee announced on national television that Washington has the best marijuana in the nation.

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Jay Inslee clearly wants to be president of the United States. He has decided he is going to come across as some liberal sage. And he is going to try to use flowery language to sound smart, but it’s not working.

Three days ago was 4/20. It’s like 11-year-old boys were producing every newscast in the country because all these different news anchors made marijuana references. But then low and behold, our own governor, Jay Inslee, goes on Bill Maher’s show on HBO and says, “We’ve got the best weed in the United States.”

It’s still a federally-prohibited drug. To joke about weed is really something 11-year-old kids do — 11-year-old kids and liberals. I loved Cheech and Chong records when I was 11. But I don’t find them to be humorous now. There was nothing well-crafted about that line. Nothing deep, nothing insightful. Is that what it takes to get applause from Bill Maher’s audience?

Then he says that Trump has to stay out of our weed. Yes, tell us all about how Trump should stay out of our face, but how about Bob Ferguson suing Trump on every single order that comes along. Tell us about staying in your lane, governor, because our state doesn’t seem to be doing a very good job of that.

The governor started talking about the recent Starbucks incident in Philadelphia. He said that in Washington state, “we’re not just going to serve coffee, we’re going to serve justice.” I’m sure there were liberal hearts all aflutter.

Other gems included, “the arc of history that has arrived at paradise” and “the long arc of justice – it is long, but it bends to justice.” If you are a dopey liberal and are listening to this, you’ll think it’s beautiful.

He also contradicted himself in about eight seconds at one point, because he said we should judge people according to their character, but then he lumped all Republicans together as racists.

This was his attempt on a national stage to try to launch his campaign. It went on and on, and got more and more bizarre.

Inslee’s appearance wasn’t creepy, it was sad — it was just flat-out sad to me.


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