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Dori: Seattle is the drug capital of the U.S.

A line of tiny houses stand with their backs to the adjacent street at a homeless encampment in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson, File)

It’s really sad for me to watch the steady but sure degradation of our entire region.

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We have decided that we’re going to be the heroin center of America. And the consequences for innocent, law-abiding taxpayers like you and me are catastrophic.

You find your house ransacked and get your life turned upside-down because drug addicts need to feed their habit with your possessions. Snohomish County has decided that it’s a good idea to hand out special kits so that citizens can be responsible for going out and picking up heroin needles. That is what our lives are like now.

And what is the solution? Give the government more money.

The Licton Springs neighborhood of Seattle near Greenwood put in these tiny homes but made them no-barrier homes. This means that, thanks to the taxpayers, you are free to shoot up heroin in these houses with no consequences.

One woman told KOMO 4 that she came up here from Phoenix, where she had been eating out of garbage cans, to live in the tiny houses. But wait — our politicians told us that all the homeless people we are funding are local. Could it be that our politicians are lying to us? Gasp.

Is that why they’ve got to raise our taxes? Because people around the country are saying, “Hey, up in Puget Sound, you can use drugs and the taxpayers will even buy you a home where you can take as many drugs as you want?” Is it possible that people around the country have decided that this is the place to be a drug addict?

I’m sorry for this woman, but you know who I’m sorrier for? The neighbors in Licton Springs. Crime has gone up 80 percent around this drug-filled encampment. Parents in Licton Springs actually said they had to look for syringes before they hid Easter eggs for their kids.

This is where we’ve gotten. This is what we’ve become.

Of course, there is a solution. You could stop voting like idiots and putting people like Mike O’Brien and Kshama Sawant in charge. They do everything possible to expand this homeless crisis so that they can pass new taxes. That’s what this is all about.

I have a bet with Mike O’Brien. Mike, I will bet you $10,000 to a nonprofit of your choice that the homelessness crisis will be worse than it is now in three years by a homelessness count. Your policies will do nothing except get a bunch of your buddies six-figure jobs. I will debate this with you on my show anytime you want.

Think of all the good you could do with that $10,000. Prove me wrong. Show me that your $75 million head tax on business will do an ounce of good for homelessness in our region.

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