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Witness: Councilmember Mike O’Brien booted from gala; wife shouts at fishermen

Seattle Councilmember Mike O'Brien. (Seattle Channel file photo)

Rumors swirled over the weekend on Facebook suggesting that Seattle Councilmember Mike O’Brien and his wife were kicked out of the opening night gala for the newly-opened Nordic Museum at a local shipyard on Friday, May 4.

On the way out, while escorted by staff, O’Brien’s wife allegedly shouted “[Expletive] the fisherman!”

On Monday morning, a manager with the Pacific Fishermen Shipyard said O’Brien was not welcome due to his “political positions contrary to our business.” The gala was held on private property.

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When asked if the rumors about O’Brien and his wife were true, the manager wrote, “If you are referring to his being escorted off our property, spilling his beer, and his wife’s derogatory comments towards our business customers, yes.”

When asked to leave the gala, O’Brien allegedly refused.

“He refused to leave when asked,” the manager said. “That’s criminal trespass just like the Shell Oil incident when he was arrested in his kayak.”

The manager asked to remain anonymous as he explores potential legal options, on an unrelated matter.

The city has not responded to a request for comment. Check back for updates.

Councilmember O’Brien has faced increased scrutiny from constituents recently. Last week, he and a few other council members faced more than an hour of shouting from a large group of people angered when they were told a town hall on the proposed head tax would not include public comment.

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