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Laughable Poll: Seattle a top city to live in if you love Amazon

(File, Associated Press)

I get daily emails from random companies peddling poll after poll about the best cities to live in if (fill in the blank). They’re all ploys to get you to give their company free airtime, and, when I do, it’s usually to mock the company so thirsty for free press. This time, it’ll be to mock the company for understanding so little about the context in which their poll is released.

Digital Third Coast and Shorr Packaging released a new poll telling me: “It’s Amazon’s world, we’re all just living in it. Literally.”

They misuse the term “literally.”

According to the poll:

“As Amazon continues its aggressive expansion and historic innovation, many U.S. cities are being treated to remarkable perks, including Free two-hour alcohol delivery, self-checkout grocery stores, and unlabeled, unpackaged returns to Kohl’s.

We teamed with up Shorr Packaging to analyze 11 key factors in 25 cities to determine the best places to live if you use Amazon services–and Seattle came in at #6 on our list!”

The 11 key-factors they looked at include restaurants participating in Prime Now, Amazon bookstores, free two-hour Whole Food delivery and Amazon Lockers. Los Angeles and San Francisco are the top two cities that are great to live in if you love Amazon.

Given the city has targeted Amazon with crippling, anti-jobs taxes, one might say, if you love Amazon, you may not want to move to Seattle after all. The perks may stop flowing after the head tax scam.

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