KTTH staff

KTTH staff

Vape cartridges sold at Woodinville HS may have contained fentanyl

Police are investigating the possibility of fentanyl found in cannabis vape cartridges sold at Woodinville High School.
1 day ago

Cannabis Safety Taskforce aims to prevent pot shop robberies in King County

The King County Council has officially passed legislation to create a Cannabis Safety Taskforce, to help ease the wave of robberies across the region.
2 days ago

Jason Rantz warns of Antifa threat looming over weekend abortion protests

Pacific Northwest Antifa already made appearances this weekend and Rantz is seeing online chatter of "direct action" organizing.
16 days ago

Battle lines drawn among Republicans in state House over heated exchange between lawmaker, security

Republican state Rep. Robert Sutherland believes he has more support than ever following a verbal confrontation with a top House security official.
1 month ago

With suspension of jury trials, Whatcom among ‘top places in state for property crime,’ says prosecutor

The Whatcom County prosecutor discusses two reasons why property crime in his region has spiked in recent months, and possible solutions.
2 months ago

‘Not the way I was planning to leave:’ Jonathan Choe recounts his termination from KOMO

Former KOMO News reporter Jonathan Choe admits that he made a series of mistakes that led up to his termination from the Sinclair-owned media company,
2 months ago

Police get man to safety after climbing crane in downtown Seattle

A man climbed a crane in downtown Seattle, on Friday afternoon. Seattle police got him to safety after nearly an hour of negotiations.
2 months ago

Wife suing Seattle over husband’s death, ‘decisions from leaders’ that slowed responders

The family of William Yurek, who died in his home in Seattle in November, filed a $10 million wrongful death claim against the city this week.
2 months ago

Washington treasurer pushes Congress for solution to rash of violent pot shop robberies

In the wake of a rash of violent pot shop robberies over the last few months, state Treasurer Mike Pellicciotti is pushing Congress for solutions.
2 months ago

‘He wanted to serve people’: Pierce County honors late deputy with memorial fund

Late Pierce County Sheriff's deputy Dominique “Dom” Calata leaves behind a wife and child. Pierce County created a memorial fund in his honor.
2 months ago

Suits: ‘So Seattle’ to refer to repeat offenders as ‘high utilizers’

A new High Utilizer Initiative aims to identify repeat offenders in Seattle, calling them "high utilization individuals."
2 months ago

State’s youngest lawmaker reflects on his first session with eyes toward re-election

With the session now having wrapped up, the state's youngest lawmaker is now turning his focus toward a reelection bid this fall.
2 months ago

KTTH’s Bryan Suits’ Thursday livestream lunch on Facebook Live

Watch KTTH's Bryan Suits' Thursday Facebook Live broadcast, and hear his latest takes on Ukraine.
2 months ago

Suits: Seattle mayor has ‘amazing dodge’ to question about encampments

At the same event where Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell extended outdoor dining permits, he also seemed to dodge a question about clearing camps.
2 months ago

Uniformed Tacoma police officer declares ‘Let’s go Brandon’ in resignation over police reform

A Tacoma police officer resigns in protest over police reform efforts that have left his department in an untenable "gray area."
2 months ago

Legal analyst: Richard Sherman plea deal was ‘a fair sentence’

Legal analyst Anne Bremner spoke to KTTH's Jason Rantz Show to provide insight into whether Richard Sherman received special treatment.
2 months ago

Pierce County Sheriff defends department after recent use of force report

Pierce County Sheriff Ed Troyer is defending his staff after claims the department uses force far more often on people of color and minority groups.
3 months ago

Alaska governor urges Washington to ‘rethink’ controversial fuel export tax

Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy is urging Washington state lawmakers to reconsider a controversial fuel export tax.
3 months ago

Seattle natural gas ban would ‘detrimentally affect’ those who can least afford it

A spokesperson with the Affordable Energy Coalition explains why a statewide ban on the use of natural gas might not be the best idea.
3 months ago

Suits: Seattle is ‘scrambling’ to recruit police officers

Seattle made national news this week when the president of the Seattle Police Officers Guild went on Fox & Friends to talk about the low staffing levels.
3 months ago

State House Republican leader: ‘Almost nothing of consequence’ passed

Washington state's House Minority Leader, J.T. Wilcox, says this legislative session has been a disappointment for Republicans.
3 months ago

Edmonds business owner to run for state Senate against incumbent Sen. Liias

An Edmonds business owner, Janelle Cass, will be taking on incumbent Democrat Marko Liias for state Senate in the 21st Legislative District. 
3 months ago

Carbon cap, federal dollars allow state Dems to move on progressive transportation policy

Different funding sources from years past have allowed leeway for state Democrats to draft a progressive $16 billion transportation package.
3 months ago

Washougal students protest school mask mandate, argue for ‘right to choose’

A group of high school students in Washougal are protesting the mask mandate at school, arguing that they should have the freedom to choose.
3 months ago