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Michael Medved is a nationally syndicated talk show host heard weekdays on KTTH from noon - 3pm.

Medved: Does the lack of a “Red Wave” indicate anything?

What’s the explanation for the peculiar polling of 2022 when the analysts anticipated a mighty “Red Wave” that never materialized?
24 days ago

Medved: Why the sudden rise in antisemitism?

What recent developments for Jewish people have provoked these alarming new levels of hostility in the United States and around the world?
1 month ago

Medved: Imprisoning violent criminals may be costly, but releasing them costs society more

Barr described the shift in policies and priorities that began in the Reagan and H.W. Bush administrations, with a focus on “getting tough” on crime.
1 month ago

Medved: Crucial numbers that Republicans can’t ignore

Only once in the past decade – during the Obama election of 2014 – did a majority of voters support Republican candidates for Congress.
1 month ago

Medved: After Mar-a-Lago raid, a dramatic week has given both parties what they wanted most

The search of Mar-a-Lago to recover classified papers may be remembered as the most controversial and disastrous decision in the storied history of the FBI.
4 months ago

What Makes Our Politics So Nasty?

What makes our present politics so nasty, negative and intensely personal?
6 months ago

Compromise on abortion isn’t impossible, it’s inevitable

The first priority toward reaching that goal is to clear away the accumulated layers of lies and misunderstandings that distort the public’s perspective.
6 months ago

Medved: Escaping the trap of a ‘Groundhog Day’ election

It’s difficult to imagine deliverance from recent miseries when the next presidential election promises a rematch between two of the least imposing contenders in recent memory.
9 months ago

Medved: Core contradictions in MAGA world?

A glaring contradiction flourishes at the very core of the MAGA worldview. As a result, the most ardent admirers of former President Trump passionately affirm two simultaneous propositions that can’t possibly both be true.
10 months ago

Medved: Reshaping Thanksgiving into a festival of guilt

Instead of honoring forefathers, family, and the blessings of freedom, wokesters across the country want to make Thanksgiving into an orgy of guilt.
1 year ago

Good news, and better news, for the GOP

Last month's special election in the 6th Congressional District of Texas brought good news, and even better news, for the GOP.
1 year ago

Medved: Our children deserve perspective, not propaganda

Conditioned by the sophistries of Critical Race Theory and the ubiquitous propaganda of The 1619 Project, millions of Americans would feel tempted to identify the United States as slavery’s most shameless beneficiary.
2 years ago

An inconvenient truth: It’s not really that close

Whenever American voters deliver a breathlessly close finish to a fiercely contested presidential race, the weary candidates inevitably squabble over recounts, lawsuits, mishandled ballots, and charges of cheating that lead to an obsessive focus on minor, innocent mistakes.
2 years ago

The GOP’s challenge: The Unspeakable ‘C-Word’

Despite encouraging news in Senate and House elections scattered across the country, the 2020 returns did little to shake the GOP’s recent status as near-perennial, popular-vote, presidential losers.
2 years ago

Election numbers make ‘faith based civil war’ less likely than before

During the four years of Donald Trump’s presidency, passionate partisans on both sides warned of the potential for a new civil war – a conflict based, at least in part, on differences in religious outlook.
2 years ago

Campaign finance reform: Washed away in a tidal wave of money

In the midst of all the sound and fury of the campaign, you may not have noticed that Democrats have entirely abandoned one of their favorite issues of the past two decades.
2 years ago

Question for Kamala: Are names ‘Lincoln’ and ‘Washington’ acceptable for schools?

San Francisco’s School Board has ordered 44 schools to settle on new names by December 18, replacing some historic figures.
2 years ago

Michael Medved backs both GOP, Dems in 2020 Voters Guide

Before you fill out your 2020 ballot, find out how KTTH's Michael Medved is voting in the 2020 election.
2 years ago

Medved: Judge Barrett’s appointment is a triumphant masterstroke

The appointment of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court counts as a masterstroke, and easily one of the best decisions of Donald Trump’s presidency.
2 years ago

Putting Trump’s diagnosis into perspective

KTTH's Michael Medved says there have been many dangerous moments for U.S. presidents in the country's history. There's an overwhelming chance that President Trump will recover from COVID-19.
2 years ago

Medved: Cooperation beats confrontation in the Middle East

No accomplishment of Trump’s turbulent term has drawn more broad-based praise than recent agreements between Israel, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates.
2 years ago

Medved: Is Democratic Supreme Court frenzy really about timing?

In their furious reaction to confirmation plans for a successor to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Democrats insist it’s all about timing.
2 years ago

The dangers of mixing screen time and snack time

The conclusions of the study might seem obvious says Michael Medved, but still convey an important message about the hours we lavish on screens.
2 years ago

No time for ‘The Devil All the Time’

Michael Medved says 'The Devil All the Time' highlights vast gaps between coastal creative elites and real denizens of the heartland.
2 years ago