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Dino Rossi
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Dino Rossi running against ‘the most far left wing opponent I have ever had’

Dino Rossi. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Republican front-runner Dino Rossi doesn’t yet know who he will be running against among the 12 candidates in the 8th Congressional District race this year. But he does know one thing.

“No matter which one of these three come out, it doesn’t matter, it will be the most far left wing opponent I have ever had, and I’ve run against Patty Murray,” Rossi told KTTH Radio’s Jason Rantz.

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There are three likely Democratic candidates — Shannon Hader, Kim Schrier, and Jason Rittereiser. Rossi argues that he has a record from balancing state budgets, to sponsoring legislation such as mandatory ignition interlocks for chronic DUI offenders, and a two-strike law for people who commit crimes against children.

“Look at how far left they are,” Rossi said. “Schrier, the pediatrician from Issaquah, seems to have the most money and all the help from Planned Parenthood and all the usual suspects. Quite frankly, it was the alternative newspaper in Seattle, that wacko newspaper called The Stranger, that didn’t endorse her because they said she was too Seattle. So she was too liberal for The Stranger.”

“These three main Democrats … have never even run for dog catcher before,” he said. “I was chairman of the Senate Ways and Means Committee and balanced the biggest deficit in state history with a one-vote Republican majority and a six vote Democrat majority in the house. I balanced the biggest deficit without raising taxes; still protected the vulnerable.”

“You can go down the list … anything they talk about is just theory,” he said.

Rossi also took the time with Jason to comment on issues that the 8th Congressional District is talking about, including the threats from this left wing opponents.

Left wing threats

“You got to look at what my three very left wing opponents will do. Their first vote will be to put Nancy Pelosi in as speaker again. The second vote is to impeach the president. The third vote is they are going to give you one of the biggest tax increases in American history because they want to repeal the tax cuts. That affects everybody across the country, not just the 8th Congressional District. When you think about the tax cuts, here’s what they are saying when they want to repeal them, that’s a $3,357 tax increase for a family in the 8th Congressional District. The state economist says that the tax cuts created 20,000 new jobs in the State of Washington, so apparently they don’t want those people to have jobs. Puget Sound Energy is lowering our electric and gas bill by $100 million because they are regulated and for-profit. Boeing gave up to $9,000 bonuses, apparently they don’t want that to happen … Company after company has given raises based on that; $2 at Walmart is $4,000 and my opponents all called it crumbs.”

Transportation: Hyperloops and flying cars

“There are a lot of different things that we can do, some of the things we are spending money on such as light rail are not going to get that job done … When you think about the future of transportation – and it’s not an 1890s solution like fixed rail – the future is what the transportation billionaires are doing right now like Elon Musk in California, and Richard Branson in England with the hyperloop. Toyota right now is building flying cars … they are talking about unmanned flying taxis in Dubai. That’s kind of the future.”

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“Nobody wins a trade war. I’ve been endorsed by the farm bureau in every single county and the state farm bureau … and have had a lot of conversations with a lot of folks in the ag community. Would I have picked a fight with all of (these countries) at the same time – China, with EU, with Canada, and Mexico? I’m not sure I would have done it all at the same time. But there are some inequities that need to be dealt with. We’ll see how this plays out. But we got to be concerned … in this district I have everything from apples to airplanes.”

Gun rights and illegal weapons

“It’s already illegal to possess a gun that is not detectable. The laws are in place right now. Is there some other legislation that needs to happen? What I’ve said when it comes to firearms … I’ll work with anybody who has an idea that is effective, but also constitutional. It needs to be constitutional. When I’m sworn in as a member of Congress, I’m sworn in to uphold the Constitution.”

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