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Would you pay $32,000 for 2, $55 Seahawks VS Saints Tickets? A desperate couple hopes so

Six year old Jackson and three year old Malakai Lundberg are praying for a baby sister.

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They were born and raised as Seattle Seahawks fans, so when Alexis and Chris Lundberg got married in 2004, they knew that the stadium now known as Century Link was the place to have their ceremony.

"We were the first couple to get married at the stadium on the field," Alexis said. "It was the day before the first preseason game. After the ceremony, my husband and I walked down the aisle to the Monday Night theme song. Our bulldog was actually our ring bearer. She wore a Matt Hasselbeck jersey and walked down the aisle."

The couple now live in Arizona with their two little boys. But they're flying back to Seattle for Thanksgiving, originally because of Monday night's Seahawks game. But as of right now, they don't plan on using their season tickets. For the past two and a half years years, Alexis and Chris have been focused on adopting a baby girl, but it hasn't been easy.

"We just felt called to adopt," said Alexis. "Shortly after our second son, Malakai, was born, we just knew that our family wasn't complete yet. That we needed to pursue an option."

But Alexis says domestic adoptions done through an agency can run anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000. Alexis and Chris had applied for a grant and planned on getting a loan from a family member, but they both fell through on the same day.

"Later that day, we got a phone call from one of the adoption lawyers that we'd been working with saying, 'Hey, there's a birth mom that's ready to be placed tonight. Are you guys ready?' We said yes, but we had to figure out our funding," Chris said. "So we didn't know what to do. We had to tell the lawyer, 'We can't actually be presented and match with this birth mom anymore.'"

That night Chris had a vivid dream.

"I don't have vivid dreams very often, but I truly believe God gives us dreams for a reason. When something is clear, to act on it or at least try and consider why we're having that dream. I had this dream and woke up, wide awake, at 4:30 in the morning. The last thing that I kind of remember was, I work in real estate and I was asking all of these clients of mine for $32,000, specifically. That number literally came out of nowhere. Right before I woke up this small voice, but very clear, in my dream said, 'Your faith was too small.' I jolted right up out of bed and was like, what was that about?"

So Chris decided $32,000 was the golden number. He took the couple's season tickets for Monday night's Seahawks VS Saints game, that are only worth $55 a piece, and put them up on eBay for $32,000.

"It's a fixed price," explained Alexis. "There is no bidding, it's $32,000. My husband actually had to talk to eBay because any fixed price over $5,000, you have to have special permission to price it that way. So he spoke with a representative from eBay and told them our story and they said, 'Yeah, let's do it. Let's put them on there. Good luck.'"

The couple recognizes that they aren't amazing seats.

"Our seats are Section 317, Row K, Seats 10 and 11. They're not super seats, they're kind of your average seats, but they kind of look out over the city. They're $55 and we're just hoping that somebody wants to be part of our story and will step up in this way."

I asked Chris if they don't sell the tickets, will they go to the game?

"I'm truly confident, like 100%. In my mind it's not a 99.9%, I'm 100% confident they're going to sell. I'm running with that. I literally haven't even thought about if we can go to the game or not. I'm confident that they're going to sell and it's gonna happen."

The family is determined to find a way to adopt.

"We have this vision for what our family's supposed to look like and we know our daughter is going to come to us through an adoption," said Alexis.

Since this story was originally posted, the Lundbergs have reposted their offer and sweetened the deal by adding "rights to playoff tickets and next year season tix" - still listed for $32,000. You can find their page on eBay here.

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