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Seahawks fan shows true colors with custom $80,000 Porsche

J. DeBruler's custom Porsche decked out to support the Seahawks is shown outside CenturyLink Field. (Photo courtesy J. DeBruler)
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J. DeBruler is used to turning heads with his 2007 Porsche Turbo. So he figured why not really make a scene and show his true colors by decking out the $80,000 car with the Seahawks logo and colors.

"I thought, heck I'd like to support the team better than I have because I don't go to all the games, but I watch all the games," he tells KIRO Radio.

DeBruler owns Accutint Bellevue, a company that tints windows and customizes and details high-end car finishes. And with the encouragement of his employees, he adorned his luxury ride with the Seahawks logo on the doors, the custom Seahawks green on the fenders, and the 12th Man's number on the hood.

"Every place I go, people are stopping me at intersections to get pictures of the car and then they hover around and want pictures of the car with them in it," he says.

The reception will likely not be as warm when DeBruler takes the sports car into enemy territory. He plans to drive it and park outside San Francisco's Candlestick Park, home of the 49ers, during a road trip next month. After getting some pictures there (and presuming he and the car get out intact), he then plans to visit Oakland, San Diego, Phoenix, and Denver to get more shots of the car in front of rival stadiums.

Before he goes, he's hoping to head to the Seahawks practice facility in Renton to get as many players and coaches as possible to sign the fenders in indelible black ink. And as for the future?

"Where this thing is going to go, I have no clue. But we're open to any kind of suggestions."


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