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The top ‘Smells Like Seattle Spirit’ story of 2017 is …

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Seattle is run by hardcore leftsists and funded by reflexively liberal millionaires and billionaires — people who would never allow anything like what they fund in politics into their businesses. The result: Seattle is easily mockable for its accountability-free liberal foolishness.

In such a target rich environment, the Smells Like Seattle Spirit Story of The Year may shock you.

A brief section of the mock-worthy

Those are mockable.

The tragedy of having mock-worthy politicians in charge

The tragic stories are sadly abundant: murders are up, property crime is up, homelessness is rampant. There is a gang war afoot in Seattle and King County as narco-terrorists fight to own turf in a city and county obsessed with a defacto legalization of heroin. Property taxes are kicking lifelong residents out of their homes, small business cannot afford the rent.

Good thing we all know we will have Amazon to keep the city rich in tax dollars, jobs, and commercial rental space at top dollar … oh, wait …

Those are tragic.

The Smell of Seattle Spirit Embodied

Seattle’s leftist politicians are the heroin in the spoon; Seattle’s culturally liberal millionaires and billionaires are the flame; reflexively ideological voters are the needle; the trolley car is the symptom of our imminent decline into an overdose of accountability-free adventures in liberalism

The Top Seattle Spirit Story isn’t about homelessness or heroin, those are symptoms of the Seattle disease. The disease is a refusal to actually govern because agitating is easier, playacting feels better, and providing toys for downtown Seattle’s perpetual children is profitable. The Top Seattle Spirit story is about a trolley car.

It is the embodiment of Seattle Spirit. The trolley tracks killed a woman, the car seriously injured a police officer and now injured another cyclist. The trolley is also slower than walking the same route — a fact its cultists actually defend! It is years behind schedule, costs $177 million, was broken for much of it’s short lifespan, and it takes space away from cars.

In short, the trolley is pure folly and provides no service to the people. So, of course Seattle wants to expand this toy.

The millionaires and billionaires who pour cash into campaigns for people who pretend to manage Seattle would never allow such a project to consume their company’s resources. But, too many of them allow this because they think politics are about feelings — not data, not performance, not diligence. If it has a rainbow flag, can claim to be green or sounds compassionate, they are all for it. The folly of the trolley defines what Smells Like Seattle Spirit.

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