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Bob Ferguson’s view: Good theft vs. bad theft

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson. (AP)

Washington state’s part-time attorney general, Bob Ferguson–better known among conservatives as Sideshow Bob–is a great provider of ethical lessons because he is a man completely devoid of any form of ethics. He has taught us much–for instance:

  • When the ability of a government agency to continue a program that the language of the law requires be shut down, Bob Ferguson can magically make the word “and” into the word “or.”
  • Bob Ferguson’s series of apparent campaign finance violations, which may amount to a Class C Felony, are far less serious than the exact same sort of offenses committed by conservatives.
  • When running for governor, it is okay to use your public office, staff, title and resources to raise campaign cash.

Now, Ferguson is teaching us about Good Theft vs. Bad Theft.

Bad Theft: Mexican Restaurant Owner Allegedly Steals Money from The Government

Bob Ferguson sprinted to a microphone to announce he is suing Tacos Guaymas restaurants for allegedly using “sales suppression software” for cash transactions, pocketing more than $5.6 million in sales tax. This is a rare case where Sideshow Bob appears to be doing his actual job. The owner of Tacos Guayama may want to look into donating to Democrats and joining with the SEUI. It may be too late, now. But, those steps may well have kept him out of trouble with Bob Ferguson.

Good Theft: The SEUI To Steal Money From Home Healthcare Workers

The Supreme Court appears ready to confirm that home healthcare workers who draw modest paychecks from Medicare and Medicaid cannot be forced to join a union. So, the SEIU wrote directions for Jay Inslee on how to get around what will likely be the new law. These workers–who have not asked for and do not want to give money to the SEUI–will now be forced by government to do just that.

It is a rather complicated scam. The workers will now draw their paycheck from a newly invented “company” rather than Medicare or Medicaid. That is simply to dodge what will likely be the new law. There is no other reason for that “company” to exist.

The new arrangement will cost the State of Washington more. It will cost the workers more. Keep in mind, many of these workers are simply caring for their disabled loves ones and drawing what is a stipend of maybe $20,000 per year; the SEUI will steal $1,000 of that and Sideshow Bob and his Democrat friends are fine with that. It will benefit exactly no one but the SEIU and the Democrat Party. The SEUI gets to unionize this “company.” The Democrats will benefit from more SEIU cash. The so called union gives enormous amounts of money and “volunteer” time to Democrats.

Good Thefts Abound In Bob Ferguson’s Campaign for Governor and President

This is hardly an isolated case in Bob Ferguson’s career as a candidate for Governor and President. Ferguson approves of the illegal 405 toll lanes, the illegal Sound Transit car tab tax still stealing money from citizens. He is fine with Seattle City Light stealing money in the form of insanely high bills–$2,5000 – $5,000–to people forced to buy their electricity from the government monopoly. Sideshow Bob is fine with King County stealing money from taxpayers by illegally charging utility companies for putting energy lines through the roads. Bob Ferguson is fine with Sound Transit stealing an election by embezzling ORCA Data and giving it to Mass Transit Now and Transportation Choices Coalition with steal from taxpayers by refusing to register as what they are: lobbyists.

The Uber Lesson

Bob Ferguson is exactly the sort of lawless populist our founders warned us about. He is a man who pretends to enforce the law, but actually uses it to crush enemies, reward friends and to build his own power base and campaign cash pile. Bob Ferguson is dangerous.

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