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Shower thoughts: Time travel, poker, and royally snubbing Trump


Oh man, I forgot to do Shower Thoughts on Wednesday, as per usual. Let’s lather up and do this thing Friday style.

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Time travel

Which of your senses produces time travel the easiest for you? I was talking to a friend that smells a specific smell and it will transport them to an exact time and place from their past. Since I have a relatively bad sense of smell, I realized that happens to me with sound. I can hear a song from my junior high days and be taken back to a specific memory from the halls of Hoover Middle School.


In baseball and football you get a ring when you win the championship. In poker, you get a bracelet. I just booked my plane flight to Vegas during the World Series of Poker. Now I just need to summon the courage and entry fee to play in my first WSOP Bracelet event.

Last year, the winner of the event I’m interested in took home over $200,000 in addition to his bracelet. The cool thing about the WSOP is that anyone can play as long as you pay the entry fee. I wish that’s how it worked with the NFL – just show up for the Super Bowl, pay your entry fee, and suit up for the game. How great would that be?

The Tikker

There’s a new watch born from the Stoic school of thought called Tikker. You use the app to estimate your lifespan, then in addition to telling the current time, it also has a countdown clock on your wrist to your possible death date. It’s supposed to help you make better decisions with your time by forcing you to realize how little you have left.

Interesting idea, don’t know if I’m ready for that kind of pressure yet.

Trump snubbed

It appears that Prince Harry invited President Obama to the Royal Wedding, but did not invite President Trump. That is all.


So I plunked down my $9.95 to join MoviePass. It’s the card that gets you into as many movies as you want at virtually any theater. My card is in the mail. It just seems like too good of a deal to pass up. I currently don’t go to the movies very often, but if it’s essentially “free,” then maybe I’ll do it more as a whim.

Happy anniversary

And finally, happy 54th anniversary to my mom and dad. That’s something to be proud of in my book. I love you guys.

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