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Tim Eyman, thought police
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Facebook’s thought police don’t want you to see this

Washington activist Tim Eyman. (AP)

Facebook’s thought police hate conservatives. I know this as a fact through my own experience, from the testimony of friends in conservative media, from data we all put together, and from watching Facebook sink conservative content while promoting hateful liberal content.

According to several of my listeners, Facebook is currently blocking this article from WeTheGoverned that covers Tim Eyman’s attorneys whooping the corrupt and lawless Bob Ferguson in court.

Dear Todd, big fan here. When I tried to click on this article from We the governed Facebook said it was blocked as abusive. Thought you would want to know to tell Glenn. – Michael from Issaquah

And also:

Todd, thought police are are it. Facebook says this article from We The is abusive, won’t let me clock on it. – Skylar, Tacoma.

What’s so incendiary about the article? Judge for yourself. Also, please post this article to Facebook — this one that you are reading right now in my blog — as Facebook probably won’t know we are going around their rabid, leftist censors. Here is the link to the original article.


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