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Linda Thomas

From the desk of Pete Carroll

From the "beast quake" to the 12th man, Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll wraps up the season with a thank you letter to fans that appears as an ad in the Seattle Times today.

There were many proud achievements to take away from the 2010 season. Winning the NFC West in our first season together was awesome, but it is just the start of a plan to own the division for years to come. We reached that goal by competing like crazy each and every day in all that we do - on and off the field.

The season certainly had its highlights and at the same time, we faced many challenges as do most programs in their first year. However, one thing remained consistent all season long and that was you, the 12th man. Your undying support was evident when we needed you most by helping us tremendously in playoff wins over the Rams (yes, that was a playoff game) and the world champion Saints. All NFL fans will forever remember Marshawn Lynch's epic "Beast Quake" run and the 12th Man should take great pride in moving that seismic needle on national TV!

As John Schneider and I strive together to build this team, we will work tirelessly to continue and give you reason to believe in this team. Thanks for showing the rest of the league why you are the best fans in the NFL.

Have a great off season,

Pete Carroll

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