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Seattle may ditch parking meter window stickers

(KIRO 7)

Say goodbye to those little stickers placed on your car window in order to park in Seattle. The city council could replace them with a new stickerless parking system.

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The Seattle Department of Transportation wants to install new parking meters that let drivers simply enter their license plate number when they pay.

“It means you don’t have to go back to your car and put that sticky receipt in your window, which is great for the customer,” said Mike Estey with SDOT. “They just pay, they enter their information, and they walk away.”

The new system would cut down on paper materials used for the stickers. Seattle began moving away from the window sticker system about six years ago. Drivers also have an option to pay for parking using their smartphones or by calling a phone number. That system also uses license plate numbers. About a third of Seattle drivers use this option when parking.

SDOT is asking the city council to change the current law which allows for the window stickers in order for the new paperless parking meters to be installed. Council members could vote on the proposal Monday, June 25. The new system could come as soon as August meaning the stickers will disappear from windows.

There is no plan, however, for getting your kids’ stickers off the inside of your car window. That’s still up to you.

Reporting by KIRO 7’s Deborah Horne used in this story.

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