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KIRO Newsradio

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KIRO Newsradio @KIRONewsradio KIRO Newsradio
KIRO Newsradio Newsdesk @KIRONewsdesk
KIRO Newsradio Traffic @KIROTraffic KIRO Newsradio Traffic
Dave Ross @thedaveross
Gee Scott and Ursula Reutin @GeeUrsulaShow Gee and Ursula Show
Jack Stine and Spike O’Neill @JackandSpike The Jack and Spike Show
John Curley & Shari Elliker @JohnandShari The John Curley and Shari Show
KIRO Nights @KIRONights KIRO Nights
Chris Sullivan, KIRO Newsradio traffic reporter @newsguysully
Micki Gamez, KIRO Newsradio traffic reporter @OnAirMichelle
Nate Connors, KIRO Newsradio traffic reporter @KIRONate3
Sam Campbell, KIRO Newsradio reporter @HeySamCampbell
Kate Stone, KIRO Newsradio reporter @Kattressa
Feliks Banel, Resident historian @FeliksBanel

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Seattle Sports

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Seattle Sports @SeattleSports SeattleSports710
Mike Salk @TheMikeSalk
Stacy Rost @StacyRost
Michael Bumpus @michaelbumpus5
Bob Stelton @bobstelton
Shannon Drayer @shannondrayer
Brock Huard @BrockHuard
K.J. Wright @KJ_WRIGHT34

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