Chris Sullivan

Chris Sullivan is a traffic reporter for KIRO Radio 97.3 FM. He cares deeply about the amount of time you spend sitting in Seattle traffic. Email Chris at [email protected]

Getting to Climate Pledge Arena 101: Prepare to ditch the car

The old ways of getting to the arena in downtown Seattle have intentionally been made more difficult so that public transit is a more palatable option.
4 days ago

Why there are bumps along I-5 through downtown Seattle (and when they’ll go away)

When KIRO Radio's Dave Ross asks you to update something for him, you do it. So what's with those annoying bumps on I-5 SB out of downtown Seattle?
6 days ago

Why are portions of I-90 near Snoqualmie Pass so ‘groovy’?

Another question from Chris Sullivan's recent driving: What's with the horizontal grooves on portions of I-90, east of Snoqualmie Pass?
11 days ago

Chokepoint Challenge: Stay in the right lane to get through traffic faster

In Sully's first "Chokepoint Challenge," he wants you to test the theory that when traffic is backed up, you move faster in the right lane than the left.
13 days ago

Final Revive I-5 closure of the year, more school zone cameras, and light rail

This is a Chokepoints grab bag edition where Chris Sullivan covers the return of Revive I-5, more school traffic cameras, and the light rail extension.
18 days ago

Light rail finally reaches Northgate, a promise 25 years in the making

Sound Transit opens light rail service to Northgate on Oct. 2, 2021. It is the culmination of a promise made to voters 25 years ago.
20 days ago

Sound Transit CEO Peter Rogoff to step down in 2022

Sound Transit CEO Peter Rogoff will step down in the middle of next year, citing exhaustion brought on by the strain of the role.
24 days ago

A look inside the West Seattle Bridge with repairs set to kick off

KIRO Radio traffic reporter Chris Sullivan takes us inside the West Seattle Bridge, as workers begin repairs they say are on schedule.
24 days ago

New ferry line cutting education and enforcement underway

Ferry line cutters beware. The state is stepping up enforcement to make up for the loss of the HERO line.
25 days ago

State ending hotline used to tattle on bad drivers

The phone number you can use to report drivers violating HOV lane rules and ferry line cutters in Washington is going away.
26 days ago

Good to Go sends out first toll statements from new system

Washington's Good to Go tolling system got an upgrade earlier this summer, and now the first bills and statements are coming out.
27 days ago

Rain is coming; Sully’s wet weather driving 101

Get your Washington Driver's Manual out. The first heavy rain of the summer is on its way, and we want to make sure you're prepared to drive in wet weather.
1 month ago

Fare ambassadors replace officers on Sound Transit trains

New "fare ambassadors" for Sound Transit have resumed fare checks, with a focus on educating riders on reduced-fare ORCA options over issuing citations.
1 month ago

An exclusive look at Seattle’s 520 bridge project from the construction platform

The state Department of Transportation provided us with a guided tour of construction on the 520 bridge over Lake Washington.
1 month ago

Avoid Seattle for busy construction closure weekend

Three routes into and out of the Seattle area are going to be closed for construction this weekend. It's time to start planning your trips.
1 month ago

Pandemic, protests, and crew shortages: No ordinary Labor Day for Washington State Ferries

Catching a ferry on Labor Day weekend has never been easy. Add in a pandemic, crew shortages, and a possible protest, and this weekend could be much worse.
2 months ago

Light rail prepares for new line numbers, names, and colors

With light rail service to Northgate starting in just over a month, Sound Transit is about to change the names and designations of its rail and bus lines.
2 months ago

Montlake neighborhood to be isolated for 520 construction this weekend

The state Department of Transportation will close most of Montlake's on and off ramps, beginning 10 p.m. Friday until Monday morning.
2 months ago

Toll rate increases approved for SR 99, 520, and Narrows Bridge

The toll rate increases proposed last month appeared to be a fait accompli as the commissioners took up the issue Tuesday.
2 months ago

Charges, arrests mount in Western Washington street racing crackdown

How do you stop illegal street racing? Arrest people and taking their cars. A tri-county emphasis continues to build cases to stop the events.
2 months ago

Another road closure gets us closer to end of I-5 Tacoma construction

The end of I-5 construction in Tacoma is in sight, but there's some pain to endure before all lanes of the SB Puyallup River Bridge and HOV lanes are open.
2 months ago

Still no date for return of passenger train service at site of deadly DuPont derailment

The testing is done. Engineers are trained. But when will train service actually return to the Point Defiance Bypass, the site of a deadly 2017 derailment?
2 months ago

Ferry fare rates will increase 2.5% this year and next

Ferry riders will soon need to dig a little deeper in their wallets as the state is expected to approve increased ferry fares on Tuesday.
2 months ago

Sound Transit charts its path ahead facing $6.5 billion budget hole

After a Thursday meeting, Sound Transit now has a schedule and some strict guidelines to follow as it prioritizes what to build and when.
2 months ago