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Chris Sullivan is a traffic reporter for KIRO Newsradio 97.3 FM. He cares deeply about the amount of time you spend sitting in Seattle traffic. Email Chris at

Kirkland to be cut in half this weekend due to I-405/NE 85th Street Interchange

Sound Transit's new Bus Rapid Transit line on I-405 includes a new direct access ramp and bus stop in the middle of the freeway at 85th Street.
1 day ago

Going green isn’t what you think when it comes to WSDOT safety

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) is tired of people plowing into trucks and is taking a green approach.
6 days ago

Sullivan: Closures are clogging Ballard, and will be for next two months

Getting through Ballard along 15th Avenue Northwest can be hard enough as it is, and that was before the closures.
8 days ago

I-405 closed, creating traffic nightmare on the Eastside

This is not the weekend to hit the Eastside because Interstate 405 (I-405), south of Bellevue because, is closed.
11 days ago

‘Convincing’ Good To Go! toll scam rears its ugly head

Scammers are at it again, trying to get your personal information with bogus scam text messages posing as Good To Go! toll reminders.
15 days ago

Road now open: Illegal tunnel shut down SR 529 between Everett and Marysville for hours

SR 529 north from Everett to Marysville was shut down after someone created an illegal tunnel under the road.
22 days ago

Construction is taking the Fourth of July holiday off

There shouldn't be too many fireworks on the roads, at least for construction. Construction is off for the Fourth of July holiday.
22 days ago

Toilets, fires and other things you shouldn’t bury in the sand this Fourth of July

The Washington Coast is going to be a popular spot next week as people head out for the Fourth of July holiday.
29 days ago

WSP searching for driver in hit-and-run fatal crash involving a pedestrian

The Washington State Patrol (WSP) is looking for a driver who hit and killed a pedestrian on State Route 7 heading north in Spanaway.
1 month ago

Sullivan: Pierce County’s Spanaway Loop shortcut to close for four months

Spanaway Loop Road avoids all the congestion on Pacific Avenue, but it's about to go away for four months due to a major sewer line improvement.
1 month ago

WSF Chief on feasibility of new diesel ferries: ‘There isn’t a ferry dealership down the road’

Getting new ferries is essential, so what about the idea of building or buying some diesel boats quickly while we wait for the electric-hybrids?
1 month ago

Sullivan: Drivers slow to understand zipper merge, would better signs help?

With the lack of general merging etiquette in the Pacific Northwest, why are so many drivers slow to pick up and use the zipper merge?
1 month ago

Sullivan: The do’s and don’ts of beach driving in Washington

Driving on the beach is one of those great experiences that we have here in Washington, but it appears that many people don't know the rules.
1 month ago

Sullivan: State Route 529 heading north to close for four months

Commuting between Everett and Marysville will be more complicated as four months of construction is about to shut down half of State Route 529.
2 months ago

Calmer waters ahead for Washington State Ferries?

The bid is finally out for five new electric hybrid boats. Will the Washington State Ferries get a contract it can live with this time?
2 months ago

Sullivan: May through September is the most deadly period for motorcyclists

A lot more motorcyclists are out now that the weather has improved, but we are now in the most dangerous months of the year for them.
2 months ago

Sullivan: Tussling with the future of the US Route 2 trestle

The US Route 2 trestle from Lake Stevens to Everett needs some TLC, and the state is looking for your input on its future.
2 months ago

Sound Transit CEO on recent violent attacks: It’s ‘my job to restore confidence’ in public transit

Just how concerned are you about your safety while riding the light rail? Three violent attacks this year have many people concerned about crime on the trains.
2 months ago

Sullivan: Oversized scissors, shovels used to celebrate I-405 project progress

The Washington State Department of Transportation used big scissors and more to celebrate the Interstate 405 project north of Bellevue.
2 months ago

Sullivan: Seattle’s traffic circles are not roundabouts

Traffic circles are not roundabouts. The words are not interchangeable, and the rules for navigating them are different.
2 months ago

Sullivan: Airport expansion in high gear as summer travel approaches

The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) is undergoing a massive construction project expansion, making drop-offs and pickups better.
3 months ago

Sullivan: Has tagging met its match with WSDOT’s ‘graffiti-battling’ drone?

Taggers, you are on notice. The state of Washington is coming after you with a high-tech gadget: The world's first graffiti-battling drone.
3 months ago

Four-month closure just weeks away for Snohomish River Bridge in Everett

Ninety-seven winters have taken their toll on the Snohomish River Bridge in Everett. It's time to shut it down for some much-needed repairs.
3 months ago

Sullivan: Rest area blues and its dire situation on the I-5 corridor

87% of the buildings at the state's rest areas were rated in critical condition, and it's expected to cost between $375-525 million to renovate them.
3 months ago