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Chris Sullivan is a traffic reporter for KIRO Newsradio 97.3 FM. He cares deeply about the amount of time you spend sitting in Seattle traffic. Email Chris at

Expanded tolling on SR 520 to pay for project may be coming

The Washington State Legislature may expand tolling on SR 520 to make up the budget to finish the major project.
2 hours ago

Sullivan: Please don’t pull this jerk move on the road

Manning sent us a TikTok video with someone promoting this as his "offensive driving tip No. 271." The poster calls this the "fake left, go straight" move.
14 hours ago

Tolls increase on multiple highways, WSDOT repairing I-90’s expansion joint

It's a Tuesday grab bag. There are big changes coming to I-90 near Mercer Island and Bellevue, and the toll rates go up this week on I-405 and SR 167.
3 days ago

Inside SR 520’s safety system in Montlake

I had the chance to get on the new 520 Montlake Lid and check out some of the hidden features and safety systems.
8 days ago

Failing expansion joint continues to plague I-90 on Mercer Island

So why is it taking so long to fix the I-90 expansion joint on the freeway on Mercer Island?
9 days ago

SDOT experiments with freight/transit lane

A F-A-B lane is a freight and bus lane. It's a lane that commercial trucks and buses can share to improve the overall flow of traffic.
15 days ago

Tacoma HOV expansion leaves 8-mile gap

The HOV expansion through Tacoma wrapped up last year, but it left an eight-mile gap.
17 days ago

Sullivan: Tire ban, $1,000 fines for idling have life in WA Legislature

The tire ban rose from the ashes and ended up in a seemingly unrelated bill on electric vehicles in the Senate. It ended up passing through a key committee.
22 days ago

Major travel disruptions coming to Highway 529

"People who are going from Marysville to Everett are just going to need to use I-5 with the southbound roadway closed," Pearce said.
24 days ago

WSP to recommend charges for recent pro-Palestinian protest on I-5

The WSP can only recommend charges, which will be brought to the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office to make the final decision.
24 days ago

Can fake ivy work as graffiti deterrent?

I asked WDOT about it recently, and a Northwest Region manager told me he had not heard of the idea -- but Tacoma has.
29 days ago

Buying tires could become a lot harder

The bill focuses on the rolling resistance of tires. Heavier and more durable tires have more resistance and less energy efficiency.
1 month ago

Southbound I-5 re-opened after fatal crash in Arlington

Southbound I-5 reopened just south of SR 531 in Arlington by the Costco near the Smokey Point interchange.
1 month ago

Are Express Lanes worth $15? Tolls increasing on I-405 and 167

The tolls are going up on Interstate 405 and 167.
1 month ago

Chokepoints: Answers to listener’s FAQs regarding I-5’s express lanes

I continually get questions about the I-5 express lanes. Everything from their operations to graffiti, so I decided to answer the most common ones.
1 month ago

I-90 east lane blocked for failing expansion joint on Mercer Island

Drivers were greeted with long backups across Mercer Island this morning after the Washington Department of Transportation closed a lane of eastbound I-90.
1 month ago

Reducing traffic fatalities one ‘stroad’ at a time

It's not quite a road, and it's not quite a street. You drive them every day, and they are some of the most dangerous places in Washington. They are stroads.
1 month ago

Tolling equipment not immune to freezing weather; chain fines rise

Severe cold has also been messing with the state's tolling equipment on Interstate 405 and 167. 
1 month ago

Sully’s snow driving tips ahead of Seattle’s upcoming inclement weather

If your rear end starts skidding out to the right, turn the wheel to the right. That will help you recover faster.
2 months ago

Traffic shift coming for I-5 in Fife, if the weather allows

Interstate 5 drivers in Fife will be starting the new year with a lane shift, but it's up to the weather when it will happen.
2 months ago

WSP defends actions during protesters’ 5-hour takeover of I-5

The tactics used caught the WSP off guard, as protesters used cars as a blockade and flooded the lanes with people through cuts in the freeway fencing.
2 months ago

Door plug found after “explosive decompression” of Boeing Max 9

All Boeing 737 MAX-9s remain grounded this morning after an explosive decompression forced an Alaska flight into an emergency landing in Portland on Friday.
2 months ago

How is freeway encampment clearing going?

We still see tents along the sides of our freeways, but the state has made progress in clearing some of the most dangerous camps.
2 months ago

A traffic year that was tough on drivers, light on accomplishments

I hate to be so negative to end the year, but there wasn't a lot to celebrate on the traffic front in Washington state.
2 months ago