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Chris Sullivan is a traffic reporter for KIRO Newsradio 97.3 FM. He cares deeply about the amount of time you spend sitting in Seattle traffic. Email Chris at

Will banning free right turns make our roads safer?

Is it time to get rid of free right turns on red? The Legislature is looking at ways to make streets safer.
1 day ago

WSDOT breaks ground to fix one of worst chokepoints in WA

The state is finally breaking ground on a project addressing one of the worst chokepoints in the region between I-90 and SR 18.
3 days ago

Speed cameras on freeways? Seems like a quick way to make roads safer

We have them in school zones, and we have them at intersections, is it time to put speed cameras on the freeways to keep speeds down?
8 days ago

WSDOT is hiring, but can it keep people from bolting for better pay?

The Washington Department of Transportation is back to pre-COVID-19 staffing levels, but can the agency keep those hires from leaving?
11 days ago

Gas prices have been creeping up, but who’s responsible?

Gas prices are on the rise again in Washington, and it doesn't have anything to do with the war in Ukraine or supply issues in the U.S.
14 days ago

Emergency repairs to close multiple I-5 lanes in Everett this weekend

State transit officials are going to close two of the three northbound I-5 lanes around Marine View Drive in Everett all weekend. 
15 days ago

Tow truck drivers beg for more protection on our roads

They clear our roads, many times in the dark of night, with no protection. Is it time to give tow truck drivers more visibility on our roads?
17 days ago

Boulders return to prevent homeless camps along WA highways

Let's talk about boulders -- specifically, the use of boulders to prevent homeless camps from returning to sites along freeways and highways.
22 days ago

Will WA Legislature move towards pay-by-mile system?

Will this be the year the Washington Legislature starts the long walk away from the gas tax and toward a pay-by-mile system?
24 days ago

WSDOT welcomes New Year with SR 520 closure this weekend

The state isn't waiting very long for the first construction closure of the year. The State Route 520 Bridge will be closed this weekend.
1 month ago

Chokepoints: A look back at the transportation highs and lows of 2022

The ending of the unplanned exile of West Seattle is my top Chokepoints story of the year, as we look back at the highs and lows of 2022.
1 month ago

Sullivan: So you’re going to the airport. Now what?

The Spot Saver program has saved me time every single trip. I just walk right up to the ID check without a wait. It's like Disney's Fast Pass.
2 months ago

Toll revenue still lagging way behind, with a missing $206 million

We've seen an increase in congestion on the roads since the return to school in the fall, but is that adding up to more toll money?
2 months ago

United bets big on Boeing with new orders

It's a huge vote of confidence for two of Boeing's most important airplanes that United Airlines has placed a huge order with the company.
2 months ago

How WA State Patrol plans to reduce record road fatalities

Through October, we are on pace to break that record this year. There were 580 fatal crashes in the first ten months of this year.
2 months ago

I-5 closure coming to Everett-area this weekend

All northbound lanes of I-5 will be closed for several hours overnight Saturday and Sunday between Marine View Drive in Everett and 529 in Marysville.
2 months ago

Real ID pushed back again as states struggle to comply

Don't worry about getting an enhanced driver's license or ID card to fly any time soon. The Real ID Act has been pushed back again.
2 months ago

Demolition of cracking 520 project column to begin soon

We found out earlier this month that a concrete column built just this year on the 520 project is already crumbling and needs to be replaced.
2 months ago

Sullivan: How to survive the airport over Thanksgiving

You better have your game face ready, Thanksgiving is going to be rough. I've put together some helpful hints to make it as painless as possible
2 months ago

Revive I-5 racing weather to finish in Seattle-area

The forecast calls for nothing but sunshine this weekend, but the Revive I-5 project won't be able to finish because of the chilly conditions.
3 months ago

Drivers need to get the message about mountain pass driving

I would have given drivers an "F," but this was the first weather weekend of the year, so I cut you some slack.
3 months ago

What’s with all the expired car tabs on the road?

Through October, nearly 42,000 people have been pulled over with expired tabs. WSP Sergeant Chelsea Hodgson said you can be pulled over just for this.
3 months ago

Tolling revenue on some roads returning to pre-COVID levels

Drivers claim there is no doubt tolls are back, but not all roads are created equally. It has taken more time for some tolling facilities to come back.
3 months ago

West Seattle Bridge traffic volume not back to pre-closure levels

But just over a month into the reopening, the commute has not returned to pre-closure, which coincides perfectly with pre-pandemic, levels.
3 months ago