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An illegal gun initiative with 17 problems

Our state has a single topic rule for initiatives. Initiative 1639 has at least 17 different topics that it addresses. That would make the initiative illegal, right?

1639 is a Washington state anti-gun initiative that is partially funded by a couple of billionaires, Paul Allen and Nick Hanauer.They’ve each donated a $1 million to fund the signature gathering process.

I think Allen and Hanauer know that the entire bill is illegally written, which would make it moot even if they get enough signatures.

The Seventeen Different Topics:

First, this bill requires a mandatory firearm safety program if a dealer sells you an “assault rifle.” The state will decide on what that safety programs involves.

Second, it will also record the make and number of the gun, which is the beginning of a data base.

The third reason I-1639 goes beyond the single topic test is that it includes a series of warnings. There will be lots of those.

Fourth, it creates brand new fees.

Fifth, it creates a waiting period.

Sixth it mandates, what they call, secure gun storage. But who is going to decide when the gun can be in and out of a safe?

Seventh, the initiative is forcing gun stores to sell gun safes or trigger locks.

Eighth, you may face criminal prosecution if you “store or leave an unsecured firearm where a person who is prohibited from having a firearm can attain them.”

The ninth is brand new. You now have to give your signature to purchase a gun and by doing so you waive your health care privacy.

Ten gives a waiver of liability for state government.

Eleventh has new finger printing for gun store employees.

Twelveth demands some more new licensing fees.

Thirteenth has yet another gun registration database.

Fourteenth has new age limits; if you’re under 21 you can’t carry a gun with you.

Fifteenth creates new “definitions” for firearms

Sixteenth has new “definitions” for crimes. This doesn’t even include the initial idea, which was for enhanced background checks.

Someone explain to me how this Initiative is a single topic? It’s not. It’s seventeen topics and that’s being generous. These are unrelated issues.

If this gets to the State Supreme Court, no one is going to follow it and the last nail will be hammered into the coffin of anyone having any respect for state gun control rules.

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