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Dori: Seattle City Council’s gun law punishes victims

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I take very seriously the responsibility of safely storing a gun. I chose to not have a gun for a variety of reasons when my girls were young. When I got one, I made sure we had a safe for it. I believe it’s the responsible thing to do — you should safely store your guns.

The Seattle City Council has passed a law that if someone breaks into your house, steals your gun, and then uses your gun in the commission of a crime, you could be fined up to $10,000.

As much as I believe in safe gun storage, I have to say, I do find this new law ironic — especially with the far left who drive Seattle. They’re always saying, “Stay out of our bedroom,” when it pertains to abortion or gay rights. But that doesn’t apply to guns. When someone breaks into your house and steals your gun from your bedroom, and then uses that gun to kill someone, you are at fault.

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As rampant as crime is in Seattle, heroin addicts will do anything to get their next fix, including breaking into houses. What if someone without children in the house wants to sleep with a gun in his bedroom so that if a heroin addict breaks into his house at 3 a.m. they can defend himself? That person may have come to the conclusion that SPD won’t protect them — that they’d in fact, be dead by the time SPD responds.

And now the Seattle City Council, with its dopey law, says that if someone breaks into your house and steals your private property, you will be fined.

First of all, this is an illegal law. Our state constitution has very terrific gun rights protections, believe it or not. Back when the state was founded, gun rights were very important to the people who formed Washington’s constitution — perhaps even more so than in the more ambiguous Second Amendment.

Why do you want the conservatives to “stay out of your bedroom” when it comes to certain issues, but you are more than happy to go diving into their bedroom and turning the victim of a burglary into a criminal? It’s pure insanity.

Can you imagine if someone steals your car from your driveway and then uses that car to drive into somebody? Should you be fined for that? This is just that anti-gun, knee-jerk nonsense that has become so prevalent among these dopes on the Seattle City Council.

As I said, everybody — especially everybody with kids — should be very diligent about gun safety and gun storage, and keeping guns away from their children. But to say you’re going to fine someone who is a crime victim is the insanity of the Seattle City Council right now.

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