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Seattle police accept lip-sync challenge

There’s no lip-sync unit at the Seattle Police Department, but one may need to be created. In a trend no one predicted, law enforcement agencies across the country have been posting videos of officers lip-syncing their hearts out, and then challenging others so they don’t look ridiculous.

It’s now SPD’s chance to shine, as the Norfolk Police Department in Virginia passed the challenge on to them after an impressive routine set to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk.” Video of the Norfolk performance has garnered upwards of 30 million views and seemingly involves everyone in the police building — except those in holding cells, of course.

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SPD accepted the challenge in a tweet today, saying “OK, @NorfolkPD. It’s on. We don’t want to make an unruly mess of this video, so we will take some time to put it together.”

Why did the Norfolk Police Department decide to challenge Seattle? Are they a sister city we’re unaware of? It turns out that some of the department’s former officers are now in Washington, and they also wanted one of the larger agencies to get involved.

Why are cops lip-syncing?

The series of lip-sync challenges appears to have begun at Bexar County Sheriff’s Office in Texas, which posted a video in an effort to humanize their department with the local community, reports The Seattle Times. This set off a rash of police lip-sync videos. Strangely, none of them involve any of the cops singing into their batons.

Whether this leads to similar lip-syncing efforts from firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and prisoners remains to be seen. The Seattle Police Department will have to produce their video while simultaneously searching for a new police chief, having narrowed it down to three finalists. Perhaps lip-syncing talent will be part of their decision.

Now the only question is which song Seattle police should lip sync.

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