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A very unscientific poll on Dr. Ford’s allegation

Turns out we all heard what we wanted to hear Thursday in the Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh hearings.

I did a non-scientific poll on my social media afterwards. It was simple:

“Someone today is not telling the truth. Who do you believe?
I’m with Her.
I’m with Him.”

Before I get to the results, I want to address the slew of people that said I needed to add a third choice that has been presented over and over. The option to believe both of them, and that another man sexually assaulted Dr. Ford and she somehow got things mixed up and mistakenly believes that it was Brett Kavanaugh.

The reason I did not add that choice is because Dr. Ford said she was at 100 percent certainty that it was Kavanaugh and Kavanaugh said that he was at 100 percent that he did not do it. Even when asked if it was possible that while drunk maybe he didn’t remember things very clearly. He still put it at 100 percent.

Clearly one of these people is wrong. So back to my non-scientific poll.

On Twitter, there were around 950 people that voted. That’s a lot for my Twitter feed, by the way.

As I write this, 57 percent of people believe the judge, and 43 percent believe the doctor.

Meanwhile, on Facebook, another 550 people voted. Again, that’s a lot for my page. The results here were very different. Facebook people overwhelmingly believe Dr. Ford. Seventy-six percent to 24 percent, respectively.

So how should I interpret these results? Again, I’m not a professional pollster, but I think the most likely answer falls along gender lines. Women are typically more engaged and active on our radio Facebook pages and there are statistically more men that use Twitter.

So if you are a woman listening to the excruciatingly specific details of Dr. Ford’s testimony, it rings true to you. If you are a man, listening to the anger of another man who believes he has been wrongly accused, you immediately have some “himpathy.”

If this had been a trial, all the witnesses could have been called to testify and maybe a more definitive truth would have emerged.

What did you hear Thursday? Who do you believe?

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