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Unpopular opinion: Sorry Seattle, Dick’s Drive-In food isn’t that great

(Associated Press)

The arrival of Shake Shack has excited many in Seattle, while prompting others to boast local pride by sticking to the classic Dick’s Drive-In fare.

But the folks at KIRO Nights are not among that crowd. While Seattle may have pride in Dick’s Drive-In, you can’t taste pride.

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“I love Dick’s Drive-In, I go there all the time … it’s an amazing place that’s cheap and quick and has a vibe to it that places just don’t have,” said KIRO Radio’s Aaron Mason, further noting that business has remained family-owned and appears to treat its employees well.

If you have the feeling that a “but” is coming along, you are correct.

But I hear too many people talk about how they are the best burgers in Seattle,” he said. “And that just isn’t true. I’m not going to buy into that.”

“For what it costs and the experience as a whole, it’s great,” Producer Drew Barth added. “However, yeah, people try to say that there is no better cheeseburger you can get in Seattle. I don’t agree with that.”

Shake Shack and Dick’s

Shake Shack is an East Coast chain that takes a bit of a hip approach to the burger experience. It’s been referred to as a cult burger chain. The company opened its first Northwest location in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood — right in the middle of the city’s tech boom. The burger joint is using Seattle’s Theo Chocolate and Beecher’s Cheese in some of its offerings. It’s partnered with local startup Crowd Cow, and has given some items a regional flare, such as the Montlake Double Cut.

That has some excited about Shake Shack’s arrival in town — even though its opening was slightly delayed.

On the other hand, there’s Dick’s, a drive-in that not only serves burgers and fries, but a hefty portion of local pride. Recently, it was honored as the best burger in town, by a Seattle Times poll. Red Mill came in second, which is on the same level as Shake Shack if you ask the KIRO Nights crowd. Dick’s, as well-loved as it is, just doesn’t rise to that foodie level.

“Although they are both beef, it’s really apples and oranges …” Aaron said. “You can’t compare Red Mill or Shake Shack, and Dick’s. They’re two different things.”

“(Shake Shack) is moving into South Lake Union,” he added. “It’s going to be Amazon lunch.”

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And for the final nail in this beefy coffin, KIRO Radio news anchor Frank Shiers couldn’t help but weigh in, feeling that Drew and Aaron were being far too kind to Dick’s.

“For what it is, for paying what you pay – you get what you pay for at Dick’s, I just don’t want it,” Shiers said.

“Let me just pile on,” he said. “I agree with both of you, except that I don’t like the food.”


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