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State gun control group wants to restrict high-capacity magazines, more


Following the successful passage of gun control legislation I-1639 in November, the Alliance for Gun Responsibility is putting forth an ambitious agenda for the coming year.

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As part of its legislative agenda for 2019, the advocacy group is seeking to expand Extreme Risk Protection Orders, to include “hate-based threats,” to limit open carry firearms in crowded public events, parks, and libraries, and to restrict access to high-capacity magazines.

“Washingtonians did their part at the ballot, now it is time for our legislators to do their part,” said Renee Hopkins, CEO of the Alliance for Gun Responsibility, in a news release. “Our statewide coalition — including community leaders, survivors, advocates, public health experts and law enforcement — created the most robust agenda we have ever put forward.

Hopkins promised that “each and every policy will save lives in our state,” and that the group is “looking forward to working with our gun responsibility majority in Olympia to ensure our lawmakers pass the kind of laws Washington families and communities want in place.”

This comes during some significant conflict with law enforcement regarding the implementation of I-1639. Already, chief of police in Republic, Washington has said that he won’t enforce the legislation, while Lewis County’s Sheriff’s Office won’t be actively enforcing it either.

While I-1639 faces a court challenge from the 2nd Amendment Foundation and the NRA, the Alliance for Gun Responsibility will bring its own fight to the state Legislature, hoping to continue its momentum from the November election.

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