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Are you being true to yourself this new year?

(AP Photo/Adam Hunger)

Happy New Year!

That said, how many of you are four days into the new year and already broke off your big resolution for the year? Wait, are you waiting for Monday to get started?

For years I have set out to eat better, lose weight, exercise, and found myself doing anything but that just a couple days into the new year.

In fact, one of my friends spent a lot of time telling people how he was going to give up fast food in 2019 and on the second day of January I swear I saw him stroll by with what looked like a Taco Bell cup in his hand.

And then, once again I started asking myself questions like I always do.

Should I say something to him? Should I remind him he swore he was going to not do fast food?

I read online that about one-third of people who failed their New Year’s Resolutions admitted they had unrealistic goals, another one-third of participants didn’t keep track of their progress and another one in four people forgot all about it. And about one in 10 people claimed they made too many resolutions.

So in this time of resolutions, are we being true to ourselves, and do we owe it to others to help them get to the results they are looking for?

I know what my resolutions are and I have taken steps to make sure they are a priority in my life because I feel like these are things I should have been doing before, and either didn’t get around to them, or they are holding back my personal growth.

In regard to being the “resolution police,” I am not sure that is my responsibility. Besides, who likes the guy/gal who reminds you that you aren’t following your own goals?

As a parent, I have a responsibility to not only set the goals that I feel are important for my children, but also to talk to them about their dreams, goals, and aspirations and see if there is anything I can do to remove barriers to their progress. In my role as “dad,” I can also give them reminders to stay on task.

With my friends, I can joke with the people who told me they were going to do THIS and I see them doing THAT.

As a citizen of the world we all share, I can set as good as an example as I possibly can, and maybe — just maybe — others will follow me.

Whatever the resolution you set for yourself was, great job! That’s the first step in making some real progress toward something in your life that is personal to you and something you want to do differently.

Here’s the good news: there are still 361 days left in 2019 for you to get right back on track and make changes.

What are your resolutions for 2019? Have any of you broken them yet?

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