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Net Neutrality
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Dori: Guess what? Net neutrality repeal wasn’t the apocalypse

(AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Do you remember a little over a year ago, the Trump administration was going to change the net neutrality rules concerning who would have access to the internet and if some companies might have preferential access.

Democrats just made up a bunch of garbage about net neutrality — and Jay Inslee was one of the leading shovelers. He’s still talking about it while building his campaign for presidency in 2020. He warned us that internet speeds would slow down, that fewer people would have access to the internet, and that the future of the internet looked bleaker than ever.

He was baying at the moon. It was just completely made up. There were FCC commissioners who said that all of the fear-mongering was completely made out of whole cloth. You had all of these Democrats who didn’t even know what net neutrality was, but then because Trump was pushing for the repeal of net neutrality, it became one of the most important issues in their lives.

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Now, a year later, we know how wrong Jay Inslee and all of the zealots who said that the repeal of net neutrality would spell doom and gloom for a free and open internet were. You know what has happened a year later? Zero of the horror stories spun by Inslee and others have come true.

In the last year, the average internet speeds have climbed by roughly a third. The number of homes with access to fiber internet jumped 23 percent in the last year. What we’re seeing is that a free market works like free markets often do.


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