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Jay Inslee
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Dori: Now there’s proof Jay Inslee is running for president

Gov. Jay Inslee applauds as he waits to speak at South Seattle College in Seattle during a news conference. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

We now have confirmation of something that I have been telling you for years — Jay Inslee, our governor, is going to run for president of the United States.

Even though he has not confirmed it with our show, he essentially told a reporter in an interview with The Atlantic that was published Wednesday that he plans to run against Trump.

Sidenote: I can’t think why he wouldn’t have chosen our show as the media outlet for such a big announcement, seeing as we go way back.

According to the article, he is running on a single issue. Can you guess? Climate change.

What I find interesting about that is that Jay Inslee just lost another major carbon tax bill. That makes twice now that the people of this state have said “absolutely not” to a climate change bill. They are tired of being scammed by the cultists on this issue. They understand that a “dumb talk show host” from Ballard makes more sense on this subject than the “96-percent scientific consensus.”

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Jay Inslee told The Atlantic that he brings “credibility, a long track record, and most importantly, a vision statement” to the race. So, let me get this straight: he’s going to run on climate change?

But he can’t get that carbon tax passed, even in far-left Washington state. How does he think this is going to fare nationwide?

How about the coal mine states that swung the election for Trump? How will Jay Inslee do in North Dakota, currently riding an energy boom? How does he feel about the fact that the Cato Institute ranked him as the worst governor in the nation in terms of taxation and spending?

And that ranking was before he proposed his tax-heavy budget, that sets aside a billion dollars for whales.

I want to make sure that every person in the nation hears the lie that Jay Inslee told on my show when he was first running for governor. He promised Washington residents that he would not raise taxes, and then proposed the three biggest tax increases in the history of the state.

Then Inslee went on CNBC and criticized George W. Bush for “blowing up the deficit.” And I will allow, Bush did blow up the deficit significantly. That was my biggest criticism of Bush’s presidency.

But if that’s a problem for Inslee, how does he not mention the fact that Barack Obama took the deficit from $9 billion to $20 billion, more than the 43 presidents preceding him combined? I guess that’s an “inconvenient truth.” Oh wait, that’s Al Gore’s line. Hey, I thought Al Gore was going to be the climate change president. I’m all confused here.

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