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Jay Inslee
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Dori: Jay Inslee exploits low-income residents for his own selfish aspirations


The talk is heating up about Jay Inslee 2020 for president of the United States, and I, for one, couldn’t possibly be more excited.

Jay Inslee — who, by the way, does not like those carbon emissions — is flying all over the country this week trying to get Democrats elected governor in other states so that he can cash in his chits and count on their support in 2020.

I can think of few things that would be more entertaining from a talk show perspective than Jay Inslee versus Donald Trump in 2020. From a sound-bite and entertainment value perspective, that could be the greatest route in political history.

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But it is intriguing what happens in the minds of politicians, where they become so deluded, that they think something like becoming president is even a remote possibility. I suppose when you’re surrounded by like-minded lackeys every moment of every day, you get this incredibly inflated sense of your own potential.

Here is what I find so reprehensible about politics, that we as taxpayers are being used for the presidential aspirations of our governor. I want you to think about this: I-1631, the carbon tax, is a transfer of wealth from your pockets to the government’s numbering in the billions.

It will cost every family several hundred dollars a year just at the beginning, and rise from there, and it will have zero planetary benefit. Jay Inslee needs I-1631 to pass because when he runs for president, he wants to tell the wild-eyed progressives around the country that we were the first state to pass a carbon tax.

He is not going to add that it is a regressive tax that hurts the low-income residents the most. He wants to have this because it’s virtue-signaling to the rest of the country. And so Jay Inslee is willing to take billions of dollars from hardworking families all across the state for no benefit other than his own selfish presidential aspirations.

I find that despicable about politics. Politicians can just steal money, tell lies, and profit personally from it all. He acts like he’s going to stop the oceans from rising and stop the forests from burning, and it’s all a pack of lies.

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Jay Inslee’s beloved carbon tax is going to hurt the poor the very most. I’m talking about the people who can’t afford to spend $30,000 on a zero-emission electric car. They’re driving their 12-year-old Dodge Dart while they commute a long way to work every day because they can’t afford to live in Seattle. One estimate has gas rising by 60 cents a gallon; they will feel that hit directly in their wallets. Their home heating costs could even go up.

Meanwhile, the corporations that are the biggest polluters are exempt from the tax thanks to the work of their lobbyists.

The poor must be financially exploited because the governor has his eye on the highest political office in the land. He will screw over the low-income people of this state so that he can have that to hold up when he campaigns in a few years. And I find that incredibly sad. But Jay Inslee needs this carbon tax because the line about having “the best weed in the United States” will only get him so far.

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